Spring is in the air here in Tuscany. The earthy tones are yellow, beige and a rich red brick. When wearing baby beige I always, team them with blossom tree colours. It’s a win, win combination.


As the blossom trees bloom, I decided to test a more classic corduroy baby blazer. And see how versatile this colour is for Spring and women aged fifty. Being in Tuscany, earthy colours are always the core inspiration for my colour palette.

Camel Wool Coat

It is a very popular coat to have in your wardrobe. The camel beige wool coat is always a winner during the colder months. And it’s a super classic chic statement too for us older women.

vintage gucci bag white dog beige wool coat denim flares 2022 (2)

Whether you are walking the dog, anything beige with matching ankle cowboy boots looks fabulous. Opt for vintage flares, with a matching Gucci vintage tote bag.

vintage gucci bag white dog beige wool coat denim flares 2022 (2)

Many women invest in stylish dogs so it makes sense that they match their pets too.

vintage gucci bag white dog beige wool coat denim flares 2022 (2)

Men’s Corduroy Blazer

I sourced this brand new blazer from a charity shop in the men’s section. Ladies always go into a man’s wardrobe before you buy any blazer. Oversized blazers look great with cream wool jumpers and bigger breasts. With practical easy affordable tips like this. I and many mums can play with colours.


White Wool High Neck Staple Jumper

A must-have is to wear polo neck jumpers that team with anything and everything. To keep us Spring warm and for some who don’t like to show their ageing neck. Let alone their double chin.

I have a long torso, so opting for shorter sweaters balances my body with my legs.

Baby Beige Gracie Opulanza (7)

Wearing green velvet elastic trousers is good for that bulging belly and menopause inflated tummy. It’s all about casual chic.

Walkable trainers like my Versace gold ones. Or snakeskin ASH, trainers.

Denim Mum’s Jeans

In Italy, wide-legged denim is the rage. They look fab with my gold trainers. I teamed them with a wool Made In Italy striped jumper. Lighter knit for Spring season. It also makes my big breast not stand out too much.


I am in digital nomad so my enthusiasm for my offbeat, Italy meets London style will always be intertwined. So this baby beige blazer is made in England. The key and core DNA for my capsule wardrobe are all about collaboration with luxury brands. So my vegan bag was assembled by a Gucci designer.

Gucci Vegan inspired bag

Wool Jil Sanders Dress

At fifty wearing flattering dresses means covering my bulging tummy. I also like wearing autumn colours that mix and match my Tuscan leather boots. This will dress I bought at an outlet and the cream and dusty pink reversible dress go with so many of my wardrobe.

Jil Sander Wool Dress

I can then add mustard coats to give it a more edgy vibe. I like to dress quick and walk around Lucca, city. A historical city which means I can change three times a day.

Jil Sander wool dress

Lucca Tuscany Mustard

Using the same vegan bag, boots I can mix and match my wardrobe. Having a red, copper hairstyle now, means I can change my whole image. This is needed at my age turning fifty. It’s a feel-good factor. And brilliant for my mental wellbeing. Below, wearing green and cream with baby beige works. It’s a nice casual affair.

corduroy baby beige men's jacket

Stylish Locations

I enthusiastically post photos of myself in various locations wearing preloved clothes bought by me. I am here to inspire and be admired for my quirky dress sense.

Dressing up every day is the key to my success in life. To create one lucrative lifestyle without going anywhere.

lucca Baby Beige Gracie Opulanza (1)

Trophy Kit Is The New Jacket

One can’t go wrong with an endless versatile jumper. It is a gamer changer with a blazer, coat and knee-high boots. Buying a stripe print is flattering, chic. It can also be worn over a dress, pencil skirt or an A-line skirt. Just think about what you need to consider when buying new clothes.


beige blazer corduroy

So this contemporary combination of colours especially the white cream band around my neckline is smart and can be matched with anything.

lucca tuscany doors

All clothes I wear are sustainable pieces that last a lifetime. creating a British vibe with an Italian flair is a win-win.

Mom jeans, leather trousers and statement coats are the keys here.

italian coats spring

Coats are crucial to a women’s wardrobe, that even Americans can adopt. Spring is here, so embrace a  blazer.

mustard and red hair Tuscany

So whatever you opt for, a baby beige blazer instantly ties together an outfit whether worn with trainers or heels. I walk the cobbled streets of Tuscany so I need to be able to wear chic trainers. Or stompy and elegant flats. Opt for riding boots, mid heel ankle boots or even Old Gringo embroidery ones.