There’s a reason why men are called men and women are called women. I am talking about shape. I have been to Savile Row and soon found out why the tailors won’t make bespoke suits for women. My mouth dropped I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. What was really going on?

If a tailor is not confident in handling breasts and hips in the darts -seams and padding sense, I won’t be happy with the results. 

The suit I am wearing here is a man’s suit from Pretty Green. What do you think? Can you spot all the errors of why women should not buy men’s suits.

Pretty Green man's suit gracie Op Trouser Suit - How To Buy For Women Trouser Suit - How To Buy For Women

Go To A Tailor Who Makes Suits For Women

Keep this thought at the forefront of your fashion intelligence. Don’t impulse buy. A trouser suit is the new business look for the next few years. It’s everywhere you go and I am bombarded with options. A bespoke suits for women is a big investment and you don’t want to come out crying.

The trouser suit isn’t quite as easy as everyone on the high street of fashion is making out it to be. There are many prints in trouser suits as there are cuts.

To find your perfect trouser suit, I needed to allow myself at least 25times to try on different types so I was clear in my head what looked good on me.

From Prince of wales suits, check suits, disco suits, embellished with brocade and brooches my hunt began.

Edward Sexton iconic tailor who describes the difference in women versus men’s trouser suits.

Jacket Length

Like a dress, trouser suits instantly make you look chic, and the message is you mean business. So when you are going for that dream job this is the time to wear a bespoke trouser suit.

It is an investment because they are very trans-seasonal and work well for different climates and travelling.

Make sure your fit and cut suits you. If you are not tall like me, make sure your bottom is not covered nor your thigh. Too long jackets makes your legs look like two cans of fanta.  You don’t want it it stretching and straining over your torso, so go for a relaxed cut, with working pockets.

Working pockets send out a strong message when you are trying to convince others you are right for that perfect job.

Wear you jacket as if it’s a cardigan.

Colour Jacket Tip

Opt for a deconstructed silky midnight blue jacket with an elasticated back and tie front that looks elegantly understated with cream or white trousers.

You can opt for a suit that is all the same colour here in Italy that is a huge trend now.

Trouser Length

Make sure your trousers are as long as they can be so as not to foreshorten your legs. I have very short legs so I wear platforms with the trousers hanging over them. Avoid super tightness it never looks chic.

Keep the Cleaverage Covered

If you want them to focus on your suit, face and brain then keep the cleaverage flashing to a minimum. I always cover right up so they can only imagine that my best assesses are not for everyone to look at. If you want to wear a wool bra underneath then make sure the buttons do up high enough, Or invest in a good quality camisole.

Scarf Or Tie

The triple co-ord is a top, trouser and matching jacket for a complete event look. Try a blouse without a collar, that fastens at the back, maybe with a scarf tie. It will sit more neatly under the jacket and i would opt for an Italian or French floral one. Feels and looks amazing on the neck.

I work with men so a big fat outrageous tie certainly messes with the men’s heads. It’s a real power puller of battle of the egos.

Bespoke Versus High Street

It really comes down to what you can afford. Trouser suits  are key for 2019. it’s part of a wider shift towards considering as one investment offers to so many styling opportunities. If you being eco-friendly then opt for a suit that lasts for ever then bespoke is the key. Head to charity and vintage stores.

I do scout through vintage stores and buy amazing designer suits and cut them up. The material used 40 to fifty years ago can never match today’s fabrics.