At fifty I do wonder how many boots and shoes are sitting in our wardrobes? On average I know I could have bought a house on how much money I have spent on buying and giving away shoes over the years. What is it about ankle boots I love the most? It’s simple, ankle boots don’t judge me. I can up on weight, lose weight be any age. Ankle boots are like jewellery can be work all year round, effortlessly.

red boots madeinitaly

Why Wear Red?

I love red boots. I wear ankle boots as I have short legs. So ankle boots make my chicken legs look longer. These particular ones are the right red and cut for my little chicken legs.

red boots madeinitaly

How to choose your right red all comes down to your colour palette and personality type. The richer the red for me, the better.

red boots

What is clever about these ankle boots for my little legs is the side cut been showcased on my outer leg. On this occasion, my sock is too high so make sure you wear socks that don’t pop over your ankle boots.

made in italy boots

It elongates my legs, makes them narrow at the ankle and therefore balances the length of the leg. The leather is very soft and therefore comfortable to walk in.  The ankle height needs to be right at the ankle not higher and it needs to be narrow too. This gives the illusion of longer legs. If you are small opt for a heel that gives you balance regarding height.

red boots

The deep side cut is brilliant for making my legs look longer.

Leather Soles

I am a big fan of leather shoes all-leather upper and leather soles. No one does better leather than Made In Italy. Should your leather boots match your red leather bag?

Red Leather Made In Italy Backpack Gracie Opulanza

I say when it comes to leather bags don’t hold back on red and its size.

Red Leather Made In Italy Backpack Gracie Opulanza

Look how fabulous Penny over fifty looks like wearing holding this backpack. Penny is tiny so red ankle boots with a slight heel will give her height and balance too.

Red is a victory colour for any superstar.

Red Leather Made In Italy Backpack Gracie Opulanza

Understand Your Boot Style

Now during winter, I wore Tracey Neuls boots. They are ankle boots but the length of the boot was too high and therefore unbalanced my little legs.


If these boots were below my ankle they would look better, But in saying that they are wool winter boots for hiking on a Tuscany estate.

How To Wear Ankle Boots?

Ankle boots look fabulous with denim shorts. You can never go wrong with this.

denim shorts cowboys boots

These boots balance her legs and give them proportion,

denim shorts twinset italy

I adore these boots, but where the ankle is again is not in the right part of the ankle they need to be lower, with more of a heel and much more narrow around my ankle.

Sendra Boots Madrid

These boots are fabulous but they are too high at the ankle. Once again make sure you have a deep cut in front of your ankle. This will give the illusion of longer legs. Studded boots are great over fifty.

Why Clogs Are Great For Short Legs.

I love my clogs and the reason I do, they make my legs look longer. Cowboy boots are fabulous but not good for short-legged women.

Embroidery Cowboy Boots

These are way too high for my short legs.