It was an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini.

That she wore for the first time today

Retro Swimwear vintage (4)

We take the bikini for granted today, but prior to the early 1960s, the bikini was considered too risque to wear on most beaches. Invented in 1946 by Louis Réard (and named after Bikini Atoll where some of the first atomic bombs were tested) the bikini was not considered acceptable beach attire in much of the world until the early 1960s. The 60s saw the release of the song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” and the subsequent surf movie craze. If you’re a staunch lover of the retro bikini of the 60s and are also on the hunt for an equally retro one-piece, check out our article on retro swimwear that focuses on the retro bathing suit!

Where did the bikini originate from?

Bikini Mosaic Sicily Romans

Retro Swimwear vintage (4)

These days, women pretty much have their choice of swimwear. It all comes down to body confidence, including the micro-bikini, as well as more retro styles.
Want to go back in time and rock your own yellow polka-dot bikini? You could search vintage stores for a real-life vintage bikini, or get the same look but with updated modern fabrics that are so much easier to wear.

1940's bikini (

  1. Sweet Cheek Bikini Bottom with Matching Sarong in White Cherry
  2. Retro Floral Bikini
  3. Pour Moi? Antigua High Waisted Bikini
  4. Bathing Beauty Two Piece in Teal
  5. Seafolly Lucia Ruched Side Retro Bikini

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Wearable Nature

What do you wear at the beach, seaside or hotel swimming pool.

Wearable plant jewellery is a trend that is growing. It is all about connecting with mother nature.


This is a simple idea and a nice inexpensive item to wear with your retro bikini. Also, take a look at the 80s fashion look you can wear at the seaside.

Hairstyle At The Beach

What hairstyles would you trend at the beach? Take a look at some examples here, to get your salon look.

salon beach hairstyle