One important thing to remember is that 80s fashion is very hit or miss there’s a very fine line between hipster and oddball. It’s also worth noting that when you do get the 80s to look spot-on you’re going to look totally awesome. Trust me.

80s Fashion – Get the Look!

Clockwise from top left: Dress, Leggings, Mickey Mouse Sweater, 80s Punk, Wallpaper.


Personally, I think 80s makeup is best avoided. It never did really suit anyone apart from Boy George. Keep it plain and simple and if you do fancy adding a little 80s touch then add a dash of bronzer to your cheeks and finish with red glossy lips, but keep it as subtle as you can.

Popular 80s styles

Azealia Banks got it spot-on recently when she wore a Mickey Mouse sweater in one of her music videos. Cartoon tops are young and playful and add a sense of fun to your look. Combine with high-waisted acid wash denim jeans or shorts and a pair of hi-tops.

If you’re looking for more of a subtle look then opt for a plain batwing jumper and wear with narrow-legged trousers and Chelsea boots – shoulder pads are of course optional!

Those that prefer a little glam should opt for a Hollywood-style gown if they really would like to embrace the 80s retro look – this style was totally on-trend at the time.


Unless you want to spend the entire evening scratching then avoid mohair at all costs it may look great but anyone who was born in the 80s will know that it’s not pleasant to wear. Bumbags they weren’t even cool when they first became fashionable. White denim doesn’t look good on anyone apart from Liz Hurley, unfortunately. Scrunchies do I need to say more?