After months of hiding in woollen jumpers, trousers and overcoats, the first rays of summery sunshine inspire all of us to leap free from our trappings and frolic outside, don’t they? Never mind fussing with all of those heavy layers: we want to toss them all in favour of little dresses and cute shoes, and 2021 has some great styles that can work brilliantly with your own unique vintage look.

The Serpent

Are you wanting to copy the iconic looks of the series from The Serpent?  Whether it going retro with halter neck tops and statement sunglasses.  For those in lockdown, you may want to opt for a 70s interiors? Is this the return of rattan, wicker chairs and macrame?

The Serpent focuses on the tale of Sobhraj, who spent 1975 and 1976 killing tourists on the Hippie Trail in Thailand.

Those outfits were huge back in the 1970s, and you could rock that look right back into vogue with a few authentic vintage accessories. Pair the playsuit with strappy sandals (or roller skates), huge sunglasses, a flower tucked into your feathered Farrah Fawcett fringe (say that 3 times fast!) and all of your summery essentials neatly tucked into a macramé beach bag. Be sure to check out thrift shops around you for special finds: you really never know what you’ll dig up in those treasure troves.

The Serpent

That 70s Look

If your main passion is all about that 70s vibe, then harness all the flower power you can handle and let your inner hippie come forth. As you also saw in the vid, a little white cotton lace dress pairs adorably with cut-off denim shorts: add a vintage leather vest, some clog sandals, strings of beads, a headband or flower garland, and even though you missed the summer of love the first time around, you can evoke all the peace, love, and harmony of that era with truly spectacular clothing. Etsy and eBay can be great resources for finding all kinds of long-lost treasures, as people clean out closets and attics during spring cleaning and toss out all the stuff they can’t fit into anymore.

You can channel the disco groove, metal mama, or flower-child style when it comes to recreating vintage 70s looks, so decide which one suits your personality better and dive into that route.

1970 Fashion

Disco Days

If you feel like a disco queen, pair a wrap top with leggings and platform shoes, add in a plethora of gold bangle bracelets and drop earrings, dust yourself with shimmer powder, and light the dance floor on fire. If you want to read more about the history of fashion prints.

Keep On Rock’s

For true 70s rock and roll style, you’ll want distressed skinny jeans (or even “jeggings”), cowboy boots or running shoes, tight t-shirts, aviator sunglasses, and heavy eye makeup. Wide fabric headbands (around the forehead, not over the crown) work too, but be sure to pair it with a good clunky belt and boots lest you get mistaken for a hippie.

California Dreaming

Should you be drawn towards all things soft and flowery-hearted, get yourself some maxi dresses or pair long, flowy, tie-dyed skirts with bandeaus or smock tops for the lighthearted airiness of that era. See if you can score some real Birkenstock sandals, douse yourself in patchouli or sandalwood, and spread out a blanket in the park for a perfect little cloud-watching picnic.