Over the past decade, the focus has shifted from new and better to old and fun! More and more fashion-conscious people have made the switch to retro fashions, and they have found that there are great deals of enjoyment to be had with regards to fashions that are reminiscent of a previous era. Today’s great trend for retro fashions stretches all the way back to the twenties, though some fashions significantly closer to the present day. If you are someone who is interested in retro fashions, there has never been a better time to get involved!

Modern Vintage

There are now many shops that cater to the vintage / retro trend. For example, Stop Staring! retro clothing offers you lovely dresses and suits that speak to a classy, vintage aesthetic, and there are many others that do the same. Stop Staring! stands out in that the fashions are still suited to a modern sensibility; instead of having to struggle into clothes that are precisely like those worn previously, these outfits have been subtly adjusted for a modern taste. Why would someone be interested in dressing in a vintage fashion? In the first place, there is a certain amount of nostalgia involved.

People who dress in vintage clothes might have a longing for the good old days when things were simpler, or at least seemed to be such. For many people, however, it is simply aesthetic. Retro and vintage clothing from the early to mid-1900s simply gives you a different look than more modern clothing does, and it gives you a fantastic way to stand out from all the rest. One reason why women, in particular, are drawn to retro clothing is that it can celebrate a wide variety of body types. The most current fashions favour a very slender build, while retro fashions are more interested in hour-glass or triangle/pear shapes.

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Vintage Clothing Definition

Vintage clothing does not always need to match one particular era, either. While there are many people who are interested in perfect recreations, there are many people who simply love the lines and dresses that were associated with a certain era.

For example, party dresses for women during the 1950s involved a very fitted bodice, with or without sleeves, and a very bell-like, full skirt.

The “Ready to Tear” Trend of Paper Dresses

This is a dramatic shape that is not really seen in modern clothing. With the advent of shows like Mad Men, which celebrate different eras in history, we are getting more exposure to vintage styles, and for the most part, we are liking what we see! Vintage clothing styles are entering a current heyday of popularity, but it is still important to pick and choose. Just like any other type of clothing, nothing is going to work well for everyone. If you are interested in trying these fashions for yourself, you will discover that you need to figure out what styles are flattering to you.

The “Ready to Tear” Trend of Paper Dresses

Long Or Short Skirts

Do you love long skirts or short ones? Do you love a slinky elegance, or do you prefer something that is a little more casual? To what extent do you want to integrate vintage fashions into your regular wardrobe? If you are invested in trying vintage clothing for yourself, get online and start shopping! There are a number of terrific retailers who are deeply invested in the trend, and they can help you get the look that you have always wanted.

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