Why would you buy an expensive brooch? Whilst in Pietrasanta Tuscany I came across this vintage brooch designed by IRADJ MOINI. I have never heard of this New York designer.
To confirm that it was his design, I asked him a few questions.

Phenomenal Women Who Make History

I could not care less about the women, I only care about the phenomenal women who make history. I am just super crazy about the
Haut Couture and want to celebrate a woman who stars in their own movies.
I grew up watching a spectacular woman like my mother, who was a saint to me, and my work is a tribute to her.
I could not care less about the healing of the stones, love heals everything, and my jewellery is made out of love.
I grew up watching the extraordinary Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture Collections, and those were the women, heroines on stage.
I just had such a good time, I wanted to keep it alive.
I too am a fan of YVL’s collections of the past and the brand always pops up when I am in vintage shops.

The Brooch

The brooch flowers are Mother of pearl and the base is Lemon Quartz with Amethyst and Rhinestones.
IRADJ MOINI new Vintage Brooch Gracie Opulanza (3)
I was instantly attracted to it. It suited my eccentric lifestyle. The weight is very heavy and the quality is great. It is a statement piece that I know will open many new doors to my life.
That is why I bought it. I needed a brooch that spoke to my heart. I got covid and it has been a terrible month. Jewellery for me has power and it helps me conquer new opportunities.
IRADJ MOINI new Vintage Brooch Gracie Opulanza (4)
I like to use my brooches as masterpieces during mi displaying my creativity.
IRADJ MOINI new Vintage Brooch Gracie Opulanza (1)

How To Wear A Brooch?

Teaming them with a nice suit jacket and shirt can make an overall elegant look wonderful. Brooches are a nice ice breaker too. Combining a brooch with a plain vintage jacket looks amazing.
Depending on age a brooch does not belong only to fifty-year-old ladies. Even a diamond one is amazing to wear.

How To Choose Your Brooch?

It’s like choosing a pair of shoes. It must suit your personality. Try it on in the shop and if it looks good then it belongs to you.
Start off buying cheap ones and build from there. Vintage shops have great collections of brooches.
If you can and I will with this brooch I will add a loop hole so I can also wear it as a chunky necklace.
Also brooches look fabulous on bags too.