Vintage Fashion LondonSummer is when most like protecting our head, face and skin from the sun is a must. Despite thinking that freckles are simply adorable (obviously, I don’t have them!) the exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to permanent damage.  but who says preventative measures have to be boring?

Baseball caps and cowboy hats even if it’s just driving a Rolls Royce definitely do their job yet with your cute outfit you want a brighter more funtastic way of shading yourself and maybe encouraging someone to smile with hats motivated by the roaring ’20s.


From turbans to straw hats to crinoline cloches, women would go out without their hats just as much as you would leave behind your iPhone. Not happening, right? Fair porcelain skin was all the rage and while we twenty-first-century ladies can’t wait for the first rays of deliciously warm sun to tan our limbs up nice and ripe we really should be more considerate of our skin.


Sun Smart

Three layers last only so long!

So make a fashionable declaration by adorning your luxurious hair with something it can truly proud of. This particular movement is age-appropriate for your daughters, nieces and granddaughters to emulate as well for we all desire to preserve their cherubic faces!

As I mentioned before a roaring 20’s lady was rarely seen without her hat but she had a special hat for every occasion, season and time.

Bridal Hat

To begin with, let’s take our hats off to the bridal hat. During the royal nuptials of Prince William that made Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge, we saw a surge of wild bridal hats in every variety.

Hats Off To You - Vintage Style Tips 2021 (2)

Some were bizarre some of our jealous heads demanded, but all an attribution to the fact that hats are not just a thing of the past. Keep this in mind as you prepare for your next outdoor wedding or upscale event in the bright sunshine.

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The next and most common were day hats. A quick trip to town, visiting the next-door family for a cup of sugar you donned your everyday hat that was still in its own way a beautiful success. Made from felt, faux fur, straw, and many other fabrics they could be found in baker boy, beret styles, bucket, and deep brimmed styles.

Hats Off To You - Vintage Style Tips 2021 (2) felt

These hats often covered larger amounts of your head, which is what we aim to do as well!

Hats Off To You - Vintage Style Tips 2021 (2)

And lastly, as we head out at dusk knowing the moon rays will be on our backs in a few hours we don our evening and cocktail hats. Lace, toile, silk, and jewels entwine themselves into intricate spectacles of wonder.

Worn off the side and covering one ear or just sitting precariously on our head lending a small shadow to our low bun it all looked intentional.

What to Wear Over Fifty - Layered Style Tips gracie opulanza 2021 fashion italy (2)