Vintage fashion is a hot trend taking the world by storm, and it doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. Vintage clothes are eco-friendly, chic and endlessly customizable. The problem is finding pieces to work into your wardrobe. Not all cities are a hot spot for vintage shopping, so you have to get creative.


Online shops like Etsy and numerous others are a great place to start. You can find clothes from around the world online, and even though you will pay more overall, you can still snag beautiful garments and accessories.

Finding vintage designer clothes is also easier online. There are shops from California to Tokyo, Japan that cater to designer wares, and some are listed online for your shopping pleasures.

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Not only that, but you don’t have to fight throngs of buyers in-store. You can relax in your own home and wait for pretty packages to arrive at your door.

Here is a one-off Kaftan dress made from vintage fabric.

Masks Florence Italy - Uffizi Gallery Inspired Collection Angela Facchini Etsy (2) Gracie Opulanza kaftan 2021

No one else in the world has this Kaftan dress bar me.

Scout Around Big Cities

Bigger cities have a higher concentration of vintage shops. This means more opportunity to find that lusted-after piece or a rare vintage Chanel bag. Thrift stores and vintage boutiques often have oodles of options to choose from.

Just be sure you know your size and how vintage sizing works.

Vintage sizes are smaller for example size 12 50years ago was suited for women who were smaller than we are now. A size 12 now is mor like a size 14 then.

Las Vegas, London, L.A., Tokyo and Paris are some of the world’s best cities for vintage findings. Even though larger cities are a great start, don’t underestimate the power of smaller towns with shops tucked away between big-brand stores.

I have found many vintage shops around the globe and it’s so much fun.

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Search Costume Shops

Old costume shops are a special opportunity to find rare costumes from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Since costumes aren’t worn in the same frequency as normal clothes, you are more likely to find mint-condition vintage costumes. Speciality shops are hard to find, but once again, larger cities are sure to have them. Once you find a good source, make note of that place and return back frequently.


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Raid Estate Sales

Wake up early and hit the estate sales. When people die, they often leave behind lots of old clothes. Ladies in their fifties are particularly great at keeping mementoes from the good ol’ days. especially when it comes to vintage eyewear.

It will be easy to find cheap and quality vintage clothes. Just be sure check for moth holes and mould. The sellers for the estate sale may even give you a major discount if you take a lot of things off their hands.

Estate sales are easy to find and hosted regularly. Look for rich neighbourhood estate sales for the best results.

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Vintage Investments Versus Fake Vintage

Shops have caught on to the vintage boom. They are putting clothes or eyewear that they think are vintage in special sections and jacking up prices.  These shops are diluting the message of sustainable fashion.

Here is a great boutique in Barcelona for vintage authentic finds. The owner knows her vintage fashion and scouts all over the world for it,

El Born - Le Swing Vintage Boutique

It’s easy for clothes to have that vintage look, but they are not true vintage! Don’t settle for a top made in 2010 that looks vintage. This will lose you money and make you look silly. I bought Yves Saint Laurent vintage clothing and costume jewellery over the years read how much clothing got sold for in 2020.

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Know your brands and what to look for, and finding great clothes anywhere will be second nature to you! it is all about having fun and following your gut instinct. If it’s too good to be true in the world of vintage hunting it’s the best shopping hunt of your life.


My best finds are bought when I am travelling and organically find myself scouting in a pile vintage eyewear.