Yves Saint Laurent label has a new designer. What happens to a label when you recruit a new creator? According to Christos Garkinos, co-owner of famed vintage boutique Decades, whenever a brand hires a new creative director, there is a sense of a new era beginning, and

“the prior designer’s pieces become more collectable.” Add to that the fact that the new designer will be completely overhauling the brand’s image and logo, and you’ve got a recipe for a seriously collectable–and therefore more valuable vintage market.

I bought this vintage bag 25years ago in Oxfam, UK. The quality is as ling lasting as Venice itself.

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage bag Gracie Opulanza Venice

“I strongly believe that the makeover of the brand will increase the value of neo-vintage [from the] Tom Ford and Stefano Pilati era as well as true vintage [from the] Yves Saint Laurent era,” Garkinos said.

Catherine Deneuve couture collection designed by the late Yves Saint Laurent fetched $1million (£785,887) last year at the auction house Christie’s.


Why Is This Designer Not Spoken Of

I have visited the Yves Saint Laurent in Paris and around the globe. I find their shops are very dated and have no soul. I also noticed that Yves Saint Laurent itself as a brand is rarely spoken of. For me, his collections and accessories are just amazing. I know this as I own a few items and the suits for women are just amazing.



Yves Saint Laurent Jewellery

The vintage Yves Saint Laurent jewellery from the 1980s is what I have. This Yves Saint Laurent YSL 1980s Vintage Gold Plated belt with Logo. Cast from gold plated metal with a hammered finish just looks fabulous with a playsuit and other vintage items. I adore their costume jewellery it’s heavy and colourful.

I am wearing it whilst driving the Bentley Bentayga SUV V8.

Bentley Bentayga SUV V8 Gracie Opulanza 2019

New Bentley GT Continental Grand Tourer - Luxury Car Fashion Tips

He was a huge lover of clip earrings. This clip-on earring,  which is gold plated with big hearts with stones, is from the 80s french designer example of art deco jewellery.

I am wearing them driving the Aston Martin DB11 and they feel and look fabulous.

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

With jewellery like this make sure your makeup is kept simple.

Look at my 1980’sbrooch. Gold plated and looks so chic on.

YvesSantLaurent Brooch Venice 1980 Gracie Opulanza Vintage

1980,s Suits

Yves Saint Laurent 1980’s suits are all about shoulder pads and tailored design. I have a lovely beige suit which is fitted and made in the 1980.s. It looks relevant today and due to it being wool the quality is fabulous. This is a sustainable item that will last many more years.

Yves Saint Laurent 1994 suit

Some vintage brands take many years to be in high demand. I love my items and wear them often.

Scarf Holder

One of my favourites is the scarf 22crt gold holder. I team it with my silk Hermes scarf and the combination is fabulous.

Bentley Beluga weekender leather bag

It really looks fabulous dressed up or down here in Palazzo Mora, Venice.

la Biennale Palazzo Mora venice

It also looks fabulous with my crochet dress and the Grand Canal in Venice. Timeless accessories I can wear any age.