As a woman deeply immersed in the world of opulence and luxury, my passion for blending high fashion with high-performance vehicles like the Aston Martin DB11 is not just a whim—it’s a lifestyle. From the moment I slid behind the wheel of this £180,000 masterpiece, I knew I was not just driving a car; I was making a statement. This wasn’t about fitting into the stereotypical mold where the woman is often seen as a passenger, especially in the realms of iconic James Bond imagery. Oh no, it was about breaking the mold, taking charge, and steering my own course. What is the Aston Martin style for women?

It matched the spice red seat belt of the Aston Martin DB11.

The challenge was clear: how does one embody the essence of a woman who drives an Aston Martin? The answer wasn’t found in the archives of film history or in the pages of a fashion magazine. It was something I had to create, a unique blend of style, confidence, and empowerment that I could call my own. The notion that Aston Martin’s allure has been traditionally male-dominated, particularly through its association with James Bond, was an image I was ready to revamp.

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Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

I decided to take the wheel, both literally and metaphorically, creating a new narrative for women who not only drive but own the space they occupy. The DB11, with its roar and rapid acceleration, demands attire that’s not just visually appealing but practical and versatile. The age-old dilemma of maintaining elegance while navigating the logistics of entering and exiting a sports car was one I tackled head-on.

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In embracing sustainable fashion, I’ve found that vintage pieces not only tell a story but also contribute to a more responsible lifestyle. This philosophy extended to my choice of accessories—gold jewelry paired with terracotta clothing felt as natural as the car itself on the open road. And when it came to embodying the power and independence that the Aston Martin represents, leather was an unequivocal choice. From a spice red leather jacket with a fluffy collar to leather trousers that blend sportiness with elegance, each piece reflected my personal style while ensuring comfort and flexibility during the drive.

Fashion and lifestyle 2020 Aston Martin DB11. gracie Opulanza

Vintage Eyewear

My fashion choices leaned towards terracotta—a timeless color that has been a staple in my wardrobe for over a year. Its earthy tones not only resonate with my personal acceptance but also complement the Aston Martin’s luxurious aesthetics. My choice of vintage eyewear, including pieces from Gucci and Fendi adorned with Swarovski crystals, added a touch of retro chic to my ensemble. Pairing these with Yves Saint Laurent jewelry from the 1980s, I felt like I was not just dressing for the day but for an era of timeless elegance.

Gucci eyewear Aston Martin

You gotta wear Oversized eyewear when driving an Aston Martin. It is an essential car image for that strong persona.

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

Gracie Opulanza Fendi Eyeywear Aston Martin DB11

Yves Saint Laurent 1980’s Accessories

Diving into the world of timeless elegance, I recently had the pleasure of pairing my Aston Martin DB11 drive with a touch of historical glamour—Yves Saint Laurent’s 1980s accessories, specifically a set of 22-carat gold-plated earrings and necklace. This ensemble isn’t just a choice; it’s a statement, one that whispers tales of vintage allure and modern sophistication, much like the DB11 itself.

Yves Saint Laurent, a beacon of fashion innovation, has always held a special place in my heart and wardrobe. Discovering these 1980s pieces was akin to unearthing treasure, each item imbued with the spirit of an era where boldness and elegance danced hand in hand. The 22-carat gold plating shines not just with the lustre of well-crafted metal but with the light of history, echoing the legacy of a designer who dared to redefine femininity and style.

Pairing these YSL treasures with the Aston Martin DB11 felt serendipitous. The DB11, with its sleek lines and powerful presence, exudes a modernity that’s firmly rooted in the brand’s rich heritage. Similarly, the YSL accessories carry the essence of the 1980s—a time of opulence and daring fashion choices—into today’s world, proving that true style knows no expiration date.

The earrings, with their intricate design, catch the light with every turn, reminiscent of the way the DB11 catches glances as it glides down the street. The necklace, bold yet refined, serves as a perfect complement, much like the interior of the DB11, which marries performance with luxury. Wearing them, I feel a connection to the past, a nod to the women who, in their time, were as much trendsetters as I strive to be today.

In this pairing, the message is clear: elegance and power are timeless. Just as the Aston Martin DB11 stands as a testament to automotive excellence, Yves Saint Laurent’s 1980s accessories are a testament to enduring style. They remind us that some things, like the thrill of driving a luxury sports car or the allure of beautifully crafted jewelry, never go out of fashion.

This experience isn’t just about fashion or cars; it’s about embracing the legacy of those who came before us and carrying it forward. It’s about asserting one’s presence with confidence, whether you’re navigating tight corners in a DB11 or lighting up a room with the sparkle of gold-plated jewelry. In the end, the Aston Martin DB11 and Yves Saint Laurent accessories stand as icons in their respective fields, symbols of a luxury and style that defy the passage of time.

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

Leather Empowerment

The DB11 and I share a bond that goes beyond the road; it’s about a shared ethos of elegance, power, and relentless pursuit of excellence. This car, with its bespoke possibilities, mirrors my approach to fashion—unique, tailored, and always on the cutting edge.

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

As I continue to navigate the world of luxury lifestyle and fashion, the Aston Martin DB11 stands as a symbol of what women can achieve when they refuse to be passengers in their own lives. It’s a reminder that with the right mix of confidence, style, and a dash of humor, there are no limits to where we can go. Driving this car is not just about the destination; it’s about the journey and the countless stories waiting to be told through the lens of fashion and empowerment.

Which is perfect for driving and reviewing Brockencote Hall Hotel in a country estate in Worcestershire

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

The Aston Martin DB11 is not just a car; it’s a canvas for personal expression. Wearing red, a color of passion, I felt empowered, and the contrast against the pearl white of the DB11 was striking. My aim was not to recreate the James Bond femme fatale but to establish a new archetype: a woman who is as confident and driven as she is stylish.

This journey with the Aston Martin DB11 has been about more than just fashion or driving a luxury car; it’s been about challenging norms, embracing sustainability, and making bold choices that reflect my personal brand. Whether it’s through wearing chunky jewelry that makes a statement or choosing outfits that marry style with functionality, my experience has been a testament to the power of personal style in the world of luxury cars.

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

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Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

Philipp Plein Wellingtons

Driving through the Cotswolds, my attire shifted to country chic, with a pleated playsuit for comfort behind the wheel and leather wellingtons to tackle the unpredictable British weather. These boots, a statement piece from Philipp Plein, became a conversation starter, embodying a blend of luxury and practicality.

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

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Junky Accessories

Driving an Aston Martin is akin to making a bold statement with every turn of the wheel, a declaration of strength, elegance, and undeniable style. It’s a thrilling blend of action and luxury, much like pairing statement coral accessories with the adrenaline-pumping ride. Imagine sliding behind the wheel of this iconic sports car, the engine’s roar a perfect backdrop to the visual symphony of style you’re about to conduct.

In my world, where the thrill of driving meets the passion for fashion, wearing chunky, vibrant coral jewelry isn’t just a choice—it’s a manifesto. It’s about showcasing strength, not just in the ability to handle a car known for its association with high-speed chases and daring escapades but also in fashion sensibilities that break the mold.

Take, for instance, the Atelier Swarovski knuckle buster ring. It’s not merely an accessory; it’s a statement piece that screams independence and power. Its design, intricate yet imposing, mirrors the essence of a woman who’s unafraid to stand out and take control, whether she’s navigating the curves of a challenging road or the complexities of personal expression through fashion.

These statement pieces, with their bold colors and distinctive designs, do more than complement the sleek lines and sophisticated allure of the Aston Martin DB11. They’re a celebration of the strength and style of the woman behind the wheel. Wearing such vibrant and eye-catching accessories while driving an Aston Martin sends a clear message: women too embody the spirit of adventure and elegance that this car represents.

In this melding of worlds, where speed meets style, the Aston Martin becomes more than just an action car; it’s a canvas for personal expression. And what better way to accentuate this than with jewelry that’s as bold and fearless as the driver herself? The combination of jumpy statement coral accessories and the Aston Martin is not just about aesthetics; it’s a powerful portrayal of women’s strength, independence, and flair for fashion.

So, as I embrace the exhilaration of driving an Aston Martin, I do so knowing that my choice of accessories—like the coral necklace and the Swarovski ring—plays a crucial role in defining the narrative. It’s a narrative where women are strong, confident, and unapologetically stylish, perfectly at home behind the wheel of one of the world’s most iconic sports cars. This is more than fashion; it’s a lifestyle, a statement of empowerment and elegance that transcends the conventional, driving home the message that women, too, are formidable forces in the world of action, style, and high-performance vehicles.

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Atelier Swarovski Gracie Opulanza

Atelier Swarovski Gracie Opulanza