If you are seeking authentic vintage fashion then look no further than at this stylish boutique called Le Swing decor. The gorgeous owner Guselle is a master when it comes to vintage knowledge and has been collecting since the age of 15. She has a wealth of understanding of vintage items and can be trusted.

This store smells nice and everything on sale can be described what year it was made and in most cases where Guselle bought or sourced it from.

If you want to give your wardrobe some added class with a touch of vintage glamour then this chic boutique is for you.

When visiting Barcelona there are many shops that sell clothing made in Spain.

Not too far they have another boutique called Blow selling more vintage. Vintage and charity shops over the last few years are claiming anything that looks old is now deemed vintage. But this store is what I call the real deal.

When buying vintage you are supporting a sustainable fashion adventure and can lead an opulent lifestyle by supporting the eco-friendly way of life.

Why Buy Vintage

There comes an age where you just want your own original things. More of exploring your own unique fashion and style. For this reason alone that is why I have always been a fan of real vintage shops

The shop has so many vintage collections ranging from Dior or Chanel shoes to Louis Vuitton suitcases. They have original label bags such as Yves Sanit Laurent or Pucci beachwear pajama outfits.

The below outfit is a vintage Pucci fabric redesigned.

Beach Pyjama - Vintage Pucci For Larger Women Reviewed gracie opulanza 2021 (2)

I especially love the assortment of vintage sunglasses, I bought two pairs. The dresses are very vintage  Audrey Hepburn inspired so you can relive her looks.

El Born - Le Swing Vintage Boutique

El Born - Le Swing Vintage Boutique

The vintage boots and bags are classic fashion favorites, the era selections are from the ’50s onwards.

Vintage Hats

The vintage hats and hat boxes on display make it feel like being in a fashion museum. Hat boxes are going to be huge collectible items this year. Their collection of vintage home furnishings are all in great condition and are very appealing.

This shop is worth saving your pennies for to experience the opportunity to head down fashion memory lane,  and El Born is a beautiful street full of individual designers too. the shopping experience is fantastic.

El Born - Le Swing Vintage Boutique

El Born - Le Swing Vintage Boutique

I bought those glasses and converted them to clear eyewear

El Born - Le Swing Vintage Boutique



El Born - Le Swing Vintage Boutique

If you are seeking the Steel Magnolias over fifty looks this store has all these dresses from that movie era.

El Born - Le Swing Vintage Boutique

If you are looking for a vintage Sophia Loren inspired look this shop has items to replicate her.