Audrey Hepburn is without a doubt one of the most iconic Hollywood stars of all time. Even decades later, she has that certain something that makes people want to watch and emulate her. She was as captivating off-screen as she on, with her own defined sense of style and grace. It’s no mystery why she remains one of the most popular (if not “the” most popular) fashion icons and a muse for designers, stylists and fashionistas the whole world over.

Audrey Hepburn’s style can be summed up simply: hers was an easy, simple, classic, elegant style. Of course, she had flawless features –  gorgeous skin, that stunning graceful neck, high cheekbones, strong brows, tiny waist and a slender ballet dancer’s figure – that made everything she wore look like a million dollars.

While it’s impossible to compare to the original, it is possible to copy that Audrey Hepburn style. It’s pretty simple actually. Just follow these few steps.

audrey hepburn 2021 fashion

Hair And Makeup

Keep your makeup simple. Cat eyes or winged eyeliner and strong brows are a must. Liquid eyeliner is the easiest to use, I find. Matte foundation and a strong lip complete the look. Any makeup brand offers a great selection of strong red lipsticks that would be perfect, but if you’re a little less confident opt for this lip balms via are a great substitute. Audrey preferred close-cropped gamine hairstyles in her natural chestnut hair colour, of course, she is probably most well-remembered for wearing that iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s up-do complete with highlighting.

Audrey Hepburn casual style

Audrey Hepburn is certainly known for her on-screen fashions in movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday and Sabrina.

Many of those looks were actually created by Hubert de Givenchy.

He and Hepburn had a lifelong fashion relationship both on and off the screen she as his muse, and he as her style guru. The shirt dress is a great start to get her look.

Hepburn’s Style Was Simply Elegant

Whether in film or in real life, Hepburn’s style was simply elegant. She is remembered for her casual style as much as her movie star style. While we all think of that iconic little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, off-screen she opted for Capri or cigarette trousers with striped boatneck nautical tops, a white blouse or a black turtleneck. She also wore tailored suits and smart coat sets – with hats, of course. A little known fact is that her favourite colour is said to have been pink, but she rarely ever wore it.

hair makeup audrey hepburn

Oversized Sunglasses

Audrey preferred understated accessories. Her concession to that was her oversized sunglasses and statement hats. She also liked to wear scarves both long and short styles and often wore shorter scarves tied around her neck. In her personal style, her jewellery was mostly small and understated.

Oversize sunglasses Audrey hepburn

oversize sunglasses

Ballet Shoes

As a former ballet dancer, Audrey Hepburn never lost the habit of wearing ballet flats. So, to create that Audrey looks, kitten heels and ballet flats are a must. Audrey preferred Ferragamo shoes. You can even ride a bike in these flat pumps.

ballet shoes Audrey Hepburn

ballet shoes Audrey Hepburn


I always wear pearls with my outfits. They are freshwater pearls that just complete any look. Audrey taught us that pearls could be worn even with a shirt.

Don’t be intimidated by her beauty but be inspired. Create your own style and be influenced by her comfortable and elegant daywear style.

During this lockdown look for brands you love even when and if you can go to charity stores for more sustainable support to the world. Audrey worked a lot with good courses. To adopt her humble nature too is reliving her foot green carbon.

Audrey hepbrun 2021 Fashion