In 2014 I wrote this article about riding in style and still stand strong when it comes to bike style. I am in the Netherlands now for a few weeks and it makes perfect sense  to see what is trending in the Netherlands considering, there are more bicycles than residents in cities like Amsterdam and The Hague. Did you know up to 70% of all journeys are made by bikes alone within these two cities. So in the meantime I thought I would share what I wore in Zurich and why I want to encourage anyone riding in the city. That riding and looking good is a must trend for 2016.



I was asked to do a car review for Audi in Zurich a couple of weeks ago. I had some hours to spare before flying out. So I decided to borrow a hotel bike and head in to this fabulous city. It is my first time to Zurich and I was keen to explore. I never anticipated this so I wore a vintage leather skirt and a shirt I just bought from ZARA and my hat from Uterque. I teamed it with my leather pumps. Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in Europe and for me it made perfect sense to ride my bike in style. There is a lot of cash floating about on the streets of Zurich and I wanted to make sure I set an example when it came to riding in style within this fabulous city.

It is important for me to make a statement any where I go as a social media influencer. What is the point if I don’t practice what I preach, let alone lead by example. Whilst exploring this compact city  I did notice people watching me ride. I have to admit the pencil skirt was very tricky at times. But it certainly got the attention I was seeking.

Gracie Opulanza Zurich Switzerland 2016 Bike trends (7)

Why Ride In Style

With the sport trends now out there, looking good whilst riding is more fun than ever. For me if you’re riding to work or within a fabulous city then showcasing your bike trend is important. In Europe it’s nice pulling up to a cafe and having a coffee and that last thing you want is wearing skin tight biking shorts. There is enough comfortable clothing out there now for you not to even opt for such inappropriate shorts. A cafe in New Zealand has band bike riders, pulling up in skin tight Lycra shorts. They are ugly to look at and don’t belong in cities.  I am amazed how many people still wear them on a city bike tour.

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What I Wore

I am a huge fan of leather so my skirt is from a vintage store in Madrid. My hat is from Uterque, which I just bought on sale. My foldable pumps are from Singapore.  My watch from Storm of London. There are so many photo shoot opportunities whilst you ride in cities of Europe.   These shots were taken on my mobile phone.

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