Car reviews are a new learning curve for me and I am a huge fan of everything fast, opulent and classic. So when asked to review the Audi Q2, a new compact SUV in the Audi lineup, it was a new challenge for me. I have never driven an Audi before so I can’t compare it to any other Audi yet. SUVs or cross-over cars are popular with women as we like to feel safe especially and the height that the car provides gives us that sense of safety. I can only speak for myself but when I am driving an SUV, for me it has to playful and look appealing. The Audi Q2 launch was in Zurich a city I have never been before, and it made perfect sense to explore this new adventure in a country where SUVs are needed with cities, mountains and snow.

After a short flight from London to Zurich, I was driven to a former airbase where the Audi Q2 was revealed to the press in an airport hangar. After a short video with the tunes coming through the Audi stereo I was about to hit the road.

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Exterior Design and Body

Now the first bonus of this car is the vehicle measurements. There is nothing worse trying to drive an SUV in central London or Barcelona and not be able to feel confident in it because it’s too big. So this compact Audi Q2 which measures, 1.51 meters tall, 1.79 meters wide and 4.19 meters long is small enough to park it with ease. You don’t have to worry about boot space, because there is plenty of it for the school drop off or city-style shopping. I ski a lot and I would certainly use this car during winter and on snow.

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I loved the Vegas yellow colour of this Audi Q2

Striking Headlights and Rear lights

Whilst tailgating another Audi Q2 I noticed the very playful rear indicator and the way it moved like a wave, I thought that was really cool. I noticed the headlights are cool too when I took the shot below, they are available in two versions: halogen technology as standard and LED technology is optional.

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The daytime running lights in action

Colour Options

When I first saw the Audi Q2 in the old military base hangar, I was instantly attracted to the colour range. It certainly set the mood that Audi was going to show us that in 2016 it is all about the fun side of life with most of the colours of the cars being bright and playful. The history of the car and brand speaks for itself but for me, colour is a huge game player. My favourite was the Coral Orange but I think the most popular colour will be the new quantum grey.


Audi offers a total of 12 paint finishes for the Q2, including the solid finishes ibis white, brilliant black and Vegas yellow. Metallic paint finishes are available in glacier white, nano grey, tango red, floret silver, mythos black and vibrant coral orange, which is exclusive to the Q2. Rounding out the colour palette are Daytona grey pearl effect and Ara blue crystal effect.

Listen to how the colour process works for the Q2 Audi.

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New Quantum Gray colour


As women, we like to feel safe especially if we have children. Now I drove the Audi Q2 as a go-cart and boy did it take those Swiss mountain roads fast. It was light but solid around those corners. Audi puts a lot of technology in the car for yours and other’s safety. Offering assistance in critical situations is the standard emergency braking assistant. If a child were to suddenly run into the street or the car ahead was to brake abruptly to a stop, the Audi Q2 can brake automatically in such situations. I tried this with a car in front of me and the car automatically braked, I have to say it scared the living daylights out of me, it is just something you need to get used too.

Another thing I absolutely loved and what I want to see in my next car is the blind-spot warning system. I am a person that likes to look ahead and not over my shoulder to see what is in the blind spot. Big orange lights on the inside of the wing mirrors warn you when there is traffic in your blind spot.

Listen to how the Audi expert explains in more detail the safety features and why the Audi Q2 is going to be a real hit when it comes to a city car.

GPS Navigation Systems Plus Other Gadgets

I am bad at navigation but this Audi can show you the navigation in four different ways, which can be a bit of overkill. The good thing is you can tailor it to how you want it and switch some options off. It took me a little while to adjust but once my eyes got focused I absolutely loved all the gadget options.


I loved how the head-up display projects key vehicle data, including navigation instructions, driving speed plus the speed limit, into the driver’s direct visual field. So I knew all the time I was not speeding. As being a social media queen I also loved how the Audi was connected to the Internet and how it has Wifi in the car. Of course, I was only able to use it when in the passenger seat.

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Bang & Olufsen Sound System

The music choice that was given by Audi for this test drive was very fun indeed. I am a huge music buff and as we got stuck in traffic in Zurich so what better way to explore the Bang & Olufsen stereo blasting “The Final Countdown – Europe”. I have to say it was impressive indeed and made all that driving experience a whole lot of fun. When I buy a car I always opt for good sound systems every single time.

After a whole day of driving, Audi treated the press involved with a nice historic tram ride into the city centre of Zurich and I had plenty of time to talk to the experts.

Tram Zurich MenStylefashion


There is so much new technology in the Audi Q2 that I have never experienced before. Therefore you need to adjust to this when you first drive it. The safety options now are so cool and once again it will take a while to get your head around it. The thought process here is going to be very interesting to see what target market really buys this Audi Q2. It is small but not super small, it looks playful and it has bags of technology. For me, it is a playful unisex car and it is there for the taking. I was sad to give it back, but thank God they had bikes in Zurich for me to explore this gorgeous city the next day. I am looking forward to my next Audi experience which I have been told will be the Audi R8 Spider.

Here you can see how I enjoyed Zurich.