Leopard Jacket - Lime Satin suit 2013

I am loving the powerful fabrics for women’s suits that you can get right now. The choices are immense. The question is., am I going for leggings, skirts, jackets or the ever gorgeous tight fitting suits.

Tight Suits

I love the suits that have come out in the recent months. The tighter the better. I find European labels do this very well. For me if you have long legs, short legs, wide legs or thin legs, these suits are always flattering. The key this year is to choose your right pattern and colour. The floral, pastel and florescent are the key trends in women’s suits this year. This spring summer it’s time to be as flamboyant and loud as possible. I find for some it may take a little getting use to.

How to Choose Your Suit

The louder the better. If you don’t feel comfortable regarding this, then think of it this way. It’s the public opinion that counts. If attention is what you are after, then get into the brightest suit out there. ZARA is a perfect starting point. It is bang on trend and it won’t break the bank if you find this fabric is not for you.

Here are my favourites so far for 2013

tweed jackets and shorts for women 2013

Tweed mania

flour scent leggings 2013

Florescent bliss

Bimba & Lola - Red Floral Suit 2013

Bimba & Lola suit

floral, fluorescent  grey overcoat 2013

Cheeky yellow

floral, fluorescent leggings 2013

Versace vinatge

bright-colour-suits, lime green 2013

Pastel lime

bright leopard prints for women 2013