Ready to wear is what we are all resonating during this lockdown. To have clothing ready immediately is what fast fashion is all about. Homewear is the only clothing everyone is buying as we are just staying home.

We are all been hammered on sustainable fashion trends for the last year. Now our lives have slowed down we realise why to buy clothes at all.

However, I am in Italy Tuscany where time is much slower and buying from individual designers has never died here. People here are buying knitwear that offers handmade quality in Italy. Here the mood is sombre but it’s in our DNA to look good and go out and socialise with family friends.

We love to socialise, party and show off. Italians love fashion through a lifestyle choice.

People including me are going to a party in a very different and creative way. Here including me, we are going to be more adventurous and wear items that are over the top to celebrate with a new focus on glamour over minimalism.

Italian culture is lavish so they want the drama and couture for themselves.

diamond gracie opulanza

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People want to bring colour back and loungewear is becoming more luxurious as people fulfil the need for self-expression from home. Just because we’re living through a pandemic doesn’t mean glamour has to die.”

Wearing optimistic shades during what has been a pessimistic time is really all about what you style them with.

During these lockdowns, I am sharing my new high-end bespoke pieces. I can’t access or buy clothes from shops due to lockdown. In that starvation, it has reminded me of what I have always loved about fashion.

Bespoke handmade clothing.

I don’t buy online I always buy as I feel. I love hunting for niche and standout items.

Now there is no rush to buy anything and therefore I am seeking more attention to detail items and going all out with my looks.

cashmere wool handcrafted gracie opulanza (2

I want to share my personal style with a beautiful message of inspiring designers items on my Instagram and other social media albums.

The noise has been cancelled out and I am concentrating on what will mentally get me through this pandemic.

That is where possible I support beautiful clothes by amazing designers who handcraft collections.

18th century villa for sale tuscany 2021 gracie opulanza italy (3)

Avante Garde

For me, a renewal of authenticity in items is why Avante-Garde has always thrived. I am always hunting and aching for unique one-off pieces.

The peacock eyelashes I wore below got me celebrity attention. It is why I would do it all over again because the feedback to the creator gave her the courage to keep on designing.

Normally I am galavanting around the globe buying fast fashion with little meaning.

diamond Gracie Opulanza

I am not travelling so I want to seek the drama in creating my own wardrobe.


Wool Jumper

My new found love is wool. Everything cashmere for me is like milk and honey. To me when wearing clothes made in Italy staying warm here in Tuscany makes me feel and look great.

I could buy a jumper online but where is the fun in that. So here in a tiny village outside Lucca. I wanted a unique jumper that I could call my own. I wanted a cashmere design that animated and represented my personality.

cashmere wool handcrafted gracie opulanza (2

It’s the first wool jumper that I have ever designed and it made me feel happy. I loved the process it took to create an item that truly belongs to me.

This lilac cashmere design is all about exaggerating the collar and sleeves to give it my niche personality presence. I wanted it to be beautiful, stylish and functional. Cashmere feels amazing on my skin.

cashmere wool handcrafted gracie opulanza (2


I can’t survive this pandemic alone. The biggest challenge is breaking the boring out of my life and the monotony of being home.

Seeing the same items and people weeks after weeks becomes so boring.

Fashion has always made me feel good, confident and been a huge factor in showcasing who I am as a personality.

Emotional fitness is how and why I recreate my wardrobe.

I can’t draw and find it hard to share what I am seeking regarding designs. So by teaming up with my expert friend in Alta Moda Angela is why I am owning some truly unique clothing that belongs to me.

I  adore fabrics with a history that have a story of how it was made. The clothes that I am designing will have my name written all over it.

Versace Vintage dress green

Support Your Local Community

I support individual designers that need my platform to help them get noticed. I love the emotion designers get from me when I am wearing their creations. Cash is scarce for designers here in Italy. More so than ever I choose not to buy mainstream clothing. My cash helps keep individual designers afloat.

For me, the clothes I wear from these small players is my way of saying. I am wearing their heart on my body.

To see an appreciative smile from the designer because I took the time to validate my giving them financial support during this pandemic.

The fabric below is Tambour Beading made here in Rome that takes weeks. Can you imagine wearing a fabric totally made for you?

Welcome to the world ofbespoke beauty. No fast fashion will ever match this feeling or quality.

Tambour Beading