During the last six months, I have continuously predicted the mood of the people regarding what they should wear whilst in lockdown. I set trends and predict what people will gravitate during tough times. Personally, 2021 is only going to be another year of lockdown and cancellations when it comes to travel. We are far off finding a vaccination that will give us the normality of how we once lived.

Fashion for me is my saviour regarding mental health and how I cope on a daily basis regarding this crazy world.

I choose to wear red because it stands out. It is a colour of confidence and passion for my life. 

The colour red is what I am gravitating too. I am a step ahead this year regarding my own colour palette.

Controlling My Colour Narrative

With most recessions, we’ve gone from spending superfluously to buying only what we need, with particular attention to what actually feels good.

Because I can control my own colour narrative. I need to know what makes me function when it comes to choosing my own fashion collection.

I am finding that in stores colour trends for clothes seem to be offbeat regarding the mood of each nation.

The reason I say that because the colour types were designed a year in advance. They never predicted a world in lockdown. Therefore I refuse to buy colours that do not make me feel powerful, confident and happy.

Colour influences how I operate daily in life.

lexus LC500 mustang red

How To Choose Your Pandemic Colour?

I had a red cape made lat month because I need to wear jackets that empower me to handle this unpredictable outcome of covid. By creating a red colour and style that reflects my animated personality. The result makes me feel I am in control of what I wear.

I am refusing to allow pyjamas to be part of my daily wardrobe.

Woolmark Australia - Raising Quality Awareness Of Wool

Yesterday I was allowed out for the first time after five weeks of lockdown. For me wearing red is a sign of victory an element of conquering life as it comes. Also lightening up one’s day when they see me wearing red.

Where ever I go this year red is going to be part of who I am. Even when it comes to red wellingtons.

Even if its wearing victory red lipstick. By wearing red it unlocks the doors of my destiny.

Azra Chocolate - Eatable Lipstick (2)

I am choosing to wear and buy bespoke beauty clothing. I have plenty of time to wait around regarding clothes being made for me. For me, an opulent lifestyle during a pandemic is getting clothes handcrafted for my specific needs. Even if you don’t want an item as such choose you colour in this case a red blanket cape is another versatile option.

blanket 2021 fashion (2)

Red Shoes

Red shoes are not often worn. But I am a lover of everything leather and red shoes are powerful when I need to have my firm feet on the ground. Being calm and stress-free is why I would recommend wearing red shoes or accessories.

red shoes