How is your hair right now? Working from home are you seeking for a quick option to cover your bad hairstyle? Why choose to wear a turban? As lockdown two is here. Our moral is determined by how we style ourselves. The rise of the turban means we can have some stylish fun.

A turban is a type of headwear based on cloth winding. Featuring many variations, it is worn as customary headwear by people of various cultures.

In my case, I just need to be creative and feel like I am trying on new things. Beats wearing a mask all the time.

Turban Colour

It comes down to your skin tone and what you want to look like regarding fashion statement. In my case, I opted for gold and some olive green in the fabric.

One of my icons for turban wear is Sophia Loren.



Cooking at home is the new norm and to make sure I am not shattered regarding my mental wellbeing for always cooking at home. I choose to wear a turban.

When I cook I find myself always conscious of my hair falling into food. Now, what better way to stop this than wearing a nice stylish turban. It is a nice morale booster for keeping everyone in a good lockdown mood.

glass and rose

Whilst trying on my turban I shattered my glass full of roses. Just loved the image too.


Yes, it’s acceptable for all people to wear whatever they choose and no, it’s not cultural appropriation for white people to wear turbans. … White people belong to many cultures, including cultures in which turbans are worn. And turbans are universal. They don’t belong to any culture.


I am on a big estate and my hair can look messy and a turban is a quick way to cover up a bad hair day.

Makeup With A Turban

I look and feel great when I wear makeup with my quirky turban. I don’t need to be going anywhere but again lockdown mentality is all about doing whatever you can to stay sane. I opt for shimmery colours that highlight my eyes and microblading.

makeup MAC



Jewellery is important with my turban I like wearing long earrings and layering my necklaces to give a more chic vibe. My earings are from NKB London.


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Stay Home Wear -The Rise Of The Turban