Last month I wrote and Tweeted about my bad haircut. After several phone calls to the hairdressers plus several e-mails trying to sort out my bad haircut, their lack of response got me thinking. Well how does one move on! Now don’t think I am bitter about it. I am a positive person and thought it would heal my wounds if I shared what I think could resolve the issue of my hair drama.
It has been a tough month for me because I am at a point where, thanks to the hairstylist, I am kind of lost of what to do with my hair. Should I go bald, should I colour it or should I just simply try to grow it out? Well the truth be had. I can’t grow my hair out because it grows really slow. It is almost as stubborn as those hairdressers that don’t respond to my emails or phone calls.
Here are some seven of my key tips on how to handle a bad hair day.

1. The Power Of Hats

I have many hats and this year I have been sent a few more. The hat makers and sellers must have read my Tweets. The great thing about hats is that you don’t have to do your hair at all. You don’t have to wash your hair and certainly can hide that bad haircut. You can do this for months if you choose that you can’t afford to get your hair coloured.

gracie opulanza stetson leather beret hat

2. Hair Extensions

Now it’s a very costly approach and I have had this done years ago. So it certainly can help. But the key here is to have hair that is long enough to add extra fake hair. First, bear in mind that you have to get past the thought of wearing someone else’s hair. Second, understanding the extra work to maintain the hair extensions. Third be prepared for the mess, time and pain of eventually taking the hair extensions out. If you are up for all of this, then go for it.


3. Hair Colour Change

You will be amazed when you change the colour of your hair what it can actually do for you, both mentally and to your style. Now sometimes the cut is fine but the colour needs to match the image. I would encourage you to go to the extreme on this, so it will just boot out that bad haircut syndrome. So in my case of having dark hair naturally, I should go for a nice red.


4. Hair Accessories

Now there are clip-in hair fringes / bangs you can get a hold of. I have used a clip-in to give my hair a braided look. Alternatively, you can also add clips and lots of bling to your hair to give it a make over.


Clip-in Braided hair accessory


Fake hair added to give it volume.


Add a fringe to your hair easily

5. Wet Look

Another solution is to give your hair the wet look. There are lots of wet hair products out there that can really sort out your bad haircut. This gives it a different edge and makes out you have a new style.


Rossano Ferretti Hairspa London Gracie Opulanza Maria Scard Pol Garcia (2)

6. Use a Wig

This must be the oldest trick in the book. Just cover your hair with a wig. This is simple and easy and gives you that needed psychological boost.


7. Just Go and Get It Cut Again

The six previous tips are all about hiding or masking a bad hair cut. Of course you can just get another hair cut. Explain to your hairdresser what you were not happy with. Good hairdressers will listen and offer you a discount on a bad previous experience. Make sure you Tweet me some of your before and after photo shots. Or you can post some of your pictures in the comment section below.