In the last three months, I have had two very bad haircuts from two very high profile brands. What is it about our hair when it all goes wrong and leaves you and me sobbing? What is it when hairdressers, who in this case represent top brands, can get it so wrong? In both situations, they have never met me before. I am online, so I show them that my hair and image is very important. In fact, it’s important for all of us. I show them my past looks and personality so they understand who they are dealing with.

For me, you could not get a clearer explanation. I find in both cases they conclude I need an easy cut that looks good in minutes. How could they have both got it so wrong? Now with me, I tweet the experience, it’s how I engage with my followers and it is how I grow my Klout score. I also find the before and after shots is what my followers get most excited about.

How Many Times Have I Left Crying

Over the years, bad haircuts have left me sobbing, angry and frustrated for days, sometimes even weeks. You see my hair does not grow fast at all. I envy anyone with long hair. I can never have long hair unless I get extensions. I did this once and it was damn right ugly. So if you cut my hair too short or too thin it just looks bad. If there is no edge to it, I look terrible and my face ends up with no shape. This is where it is at right now. I have grown and matured to understand that things could get a lot worse in life. But how can a haircut have so much power over your emotions? In fact how could a tweet stating about your bad haircut get so much interaction? It is very simple, your hair cut states who you are and how you feel right now. Your haircut defines your current look and trend. Your haircut reactions from others simply make you feel good about yourself. A great haircut can lead to hairdresser’s recommendations, and grow their business.

How Do Hairdressers React To You Crying?

It is a tricky one because in the recent reaction I made my emotions very clear on Twitter. Never done this before stating, should I get another haircut RETWEET #help. Now I did include the company name and my goodness did I get a reaction. That proves my point about hairdresser’s reactions. In every case over the years when I have complained, it leads to confrontational reactions from the hairstylists. Imagine you’re already upset and then they give you this whole justification of how you, the client got it so wrong. How they cut the hair the way you asked. They never apologize at all. They just go on and on about how you, the client asked for a cut and they did what you asked, we listened and your hair looks fine. I am now at this point really angry and more upset.

Hair Stylists – You Are The Professional

For me more so than ever, I am very open to new haircuts. My followers like to see new and different styles. The social media influence that I have now on-line is why stylists should take control of my haircut. How I see it, you’re trained and if I give you the freedom in this case to fix a bad haircut, then you should take control and go for it. If you are confident in what you do and understand the client’s hair then it should be that easy. For me, if you do get it wrong as a business, you should admit your mistake and take control and do it again. No questions asked. In fact you should offer the client above and beyond what they need. Especially with someone like me, that would tweet the before and after shots.
I have had a very heated reaction from my last tweet from one of the most powerful hairdresser brands in the world. So far their reaction has left me feeling very upset and the issue has yet to be resolved.

One hour after I left the hairdressers. You the fashion jury judge. Does this style really empower my hair let alone my image?

Gracie OPulanza Wearing Prada 2015 London Fashion Week