I had three clogs made for me thanks to Caretti Clogs. I have been living on a  huge estate in Tuscany. So is have only been using them around the villa. I am in Venice now a city on water. Venice to explore and shop for food, clothes or site see. I must walk everywhere. I can take a boat but that is not how I am going to discover Venice.

I am everything for Made In Italy, working with individual designers.

Made In Italy bespoke clogs and bags Tuscany

The above items are equally as good as Gucci, Prada or Versace. The difference is they are niche and not made in the masses. That is what luxury fashion for me is all about.

Gracie Opulanza Venice 2021 Covid 19 survivor (2)

Why are these clogs as comfortable as my white trainers or sneakers.

Wood Obsorbs Cobble Stones

I was very curious to see how well these clogs would endure Venice. When I walk in Venice there are many bridges to cross and lots of cobblestones to walk over. After walking ten kilometres on average a day. I find with other shoes, my back is aching. But with the clogs, this does not happen at all. I out it down to the wood frames that must be absorbing the shock of my walk. These clogs are very light and extremely comfy.

Gracie Opulanza Venice 2021 Covid 19 survivor

Leather Clogs Made For Walking

I am walking in the red and blue clogs here in Venice. I have had compliments on how they look. These classic Italian clogs look brilliant with my crochet dress. my brown silk dress or anything denim. The leather moulds to my feet and because they are made for my feet.


I can walk in them all day long. They are ways to style. Due to the basic leather colours, I always team them with designer vintage outfits. Like my crochet dress.

crotchet dress Gracie Opulanza venice

They are easy to take on and off. This is wonderful when I sit on the canal and dip my feet into the saltwater. I always team my clogs with my vintage Yves Saint Laurent bag.

Vibram Sole

Vibram is a sole brand that is normally used for top hiking boots. When In Venice it can be very slippery with water on the streets and also walking the bridges. It is very taxing on your body and feet. But these clogs have the best grip, thanks to Vibram soles.


Short Leg Solution

I have very short legs. I find this due to the design of the clog and its height. The clogs balance my torso. They make my legs look longer. I wear them with my linen shorts.


I wear them with my denim pencil skirts. They are ever so stylish, comfortable and stylish.

la Biennale Palazzo Mora venice

Get Out And Walk

Can tell you there is no such thing as time. There is only life, there is the only experience.

If you experience vividly, and to do that means that it’s not time, it’s experience.

It is the desire to live, it’s the energy, the will of living, that makes life bright. That turns the world into a theatre that makes you feel the vividness of things. This is why it’s so important not to think in terms of life. Get out and walk, this lockdown life is not good for anyone. I had Covid and I feel and look amazing.

There are many stylish women here in Italy. As I explore Venice in my comfy clogs. I know I can rely on them for style and less aching muscles and back.


As I walk the pretty parts of Venice in my clogs. It is a fabulous reminder of everything Made In Italy.

flowers Venice

When I look at this old city, I can’t believe how robust wood is. These wooden clogs can handle water too. But I would only use them on dry days. I love the sound the clogs make too. It’s a nice replacement for the sound of high heels. They are a great replacement instead of wearing crocs or slippers when walking to the beach for summer.

As for airport travel, they are excellent as you can look stylish and take them off when you need to relax on the plane or just before travelling and boarding.