Want to get the Dolce & Gabbana look for less? A Dolce & Gabbana look for less can save you hundreds of dollars, but it takes careful planning and time-saving tips that you can learn here.

All eyes were on Venice when Dolce & Gabbana showcased the most opulent catwalk of all times. It was for the love of everything handmade we all got reminded how Alta Moda and everything Made In Italy is still much envied and adored. It put Milan right back in its place.

Love for the fatto a mano (handmade), respect for tradition, and the quest for innovation.

If there’s only one thing that we missed seeing on the runway, was a more experienced casting of models that could showcase the magnificent dresses on the runway in a more assertive way, also better representing the strength of the Italian woman

Gracie Opulanza Ca Sagredo Venice Grand Canal Hotel (1)

Ca Sagredo Venice Grand Canal Hotel me playing dress ups and enjoying this wonderful Palazzo Venice staircase.

Video ideas of getting your own D&G Venice look.

I Stayed In Venice For Three Months

Now I visited Venice during June 2020 when the brutal reality of Covid 19 was there. I was the only journalist daring to explore a very blissful quiet Venice. I explored the Italian artisans than were suffering. Searching for the real Venice that showcases amazing headpieces during Venice Film Festival.

So for me seeing what D&G did, I had already understood how wonderful Venice is when it comes to artisans and everything niche in the world of luxury.

You can read about artisans I worked with here in Venice.


I am fifty and lie to create niche luxury unbranded items. I get inspired by Venice and its decor, interior design and also D&G catwalk.

When I reviewed hotel’s throughout Venice I was also inspired by the ceiling artwork. This is Ca Sagredo Hotel in Venice. one of the suites with original fresco.

Ca sagredo palazzo venice

So you can see where D&G get their inspiration from. This ceiling decorated in dusty pink is part of the original room where the noble Sagredo family once slept. This suite is decorated in delicate pastel shades.

Imagine this in print or embroidery?

What Materials Are Used At D&G

The exclusive reveal of the stunning pieces, from homeware to furniture, was the perfect event to wet the palettes of the guests who arrived in Venice. Spread across four themes: Mediterranean Blue, Carretto, Leo, and Zebra, the creations are made in collaboration with Italy’s heritage artisans who have lent to the collection their ancient techniques such as Murano glass blowing, and hand-painted Sicilian ceramics.

 The Dolce & Gabbana Look

Fabric and garments are endless with this brand. From wild skirts, shirts, jeans, are what this fashion brand is all about. Over the recent years the label, the stitch, jackets put on social media is why anyone from London, New York were shedding a tear looking at Venice.

As per tradition, for Alta Moda, all the clothes are handmade, with the best fabrics sourced and the most exquisite artisanal technics employed from all over Italy.

“In Italy, they have the best craftsmanship in the world. And it’s the best in the world because they do it with passion

Dolce & Gabbana Venice - How To Create Your Upcycling Look

From the endless detail of the dresses seen on the runway, we can guess that countless hours were invested in the precious parade of designs sourcing silks, brocades, velvets, glass and crystals, embroideries and precious fabrics.

The below is the same technique used throughout many D&G designs. Stones, costumes jewellery handstitched onto a material.

Lot’s of pins, textiles, silhouette from fashion designer Stefano Gabbana was used throughout the canal red carpet.

Dolce & Gabbana Venice - How To Create Your Upcycling Look

It Was The Way Jennifer From The Block Felt In The Dresses

The fashion shows and the fashion industry could not create or wave a magic wand to reproduce the outfit that Jennifer Lopez wore. What she wore was a winner from a sponsored conversation point of view.

I will create an interior design picture wall art for my bedroom. During the lockdown, I used many opulent items to keep my mental health intact.

Don’t dare to ask an artisan how many hours something took to make, that’s not the point. The use of florals, studs and video recording on how many endless weeks took place to create such beautiful pieces is why.

I am inspiring anyone to get their heads down and sew. Make sure you share it on your Instagram.

Mosaic Art

So when you were all captivated by the collection and saw gold.

“When you see something metallic looking like gold it’s real gold,” reminds Domenico Dolce.

Mosaic Venice ORSONI Venizia 1888 is famous for the tile art of San Marco Square where the catwalk was showcased. when you see the basilica and its gold tiles it is gold.

San Marco Square Venice Gracie Opulanza

This is a ring made for me from the boutique here in the square called, Bon Compagni Valeria.

Mosaic Venice ORSONI Venizia 1888 Buckle Belt

Whilst in Venice I came across this Mosaic Venice. The artist used original tiles from the famous tile brand called ORSONI Venizia 1888.

Mosaic Venice ORSONI Venizia 1888

So if you are seeking a D&G belt with your own artisan niche luxury design. Then be inspired by my belt Mosaic Venice ORSONI Venizia 1888 belt buckle. You can order it through me if you wish.

Have you seen anything like it?

I upcycled an amazing leather belt and replaced the boring belt buckle with this.

Denim Upcycling Jacket

I have an old Givenchy denim jacket that I decided to put in handmade embellishments like D&G. In that I created my own opulent niche luxury denim jacket. It was boring, I grew tired of it. By doing this. I am my own Dolce & Gabbana collection inspired by Italy.

Watch the videos on getting the D&G look.