In Italy, Venice I am noticing a summer trend. Women are choosing to wear black and white. Whether it be a black hat with a white maxi dress, who vice versa. It is a unique way of wearing extreme colours at once. A twist to Coco Chanel of the past has entered the canals of Europe. Let’s take a closer look at how the women from Italy and Holland are wearing black and white?

fifty hairstyles Pantene

If you are in Italy I would team is with a Roberta Di Camerino, black vintage bag.

Roberta Di Camerino Gondola clutch bags venice vintage interwoven leather lace

Black Accessories

This lady over fifty likes to have black accessories. A black Chanel bag, with a black hat and black eyewear. I like how white trainers have black laces. you can also team it with black summer sandals, like below.

black long hair

Keep your handbag small, you don’t want it to overpower your overall look.

Ankle Boots

I am noticing that some women opt for ankle boots. To give it a more boho vibe. If you are going to opt for two luxury handbags look, make sure it’s a lighter colour and fabric.

white maxi dress venice

White Hat

on this occasion, she has opted for a black belt, black biker boots and a white hat. Less contrasting regarding the opposites colours.

white hat

Again, another black handbag. So a black small handbag is a must.

White Boots Amsterdam

From the canals of Venice to the canals of Amsterdam, the black and white love has sailed to Holland too.

I never thought the dutch would be embracing a similar trend. But on this occasion, it’s much more retro vintage boots.

black dress white boots Amsterdam, streetstyle

Be inspired by her vintage ginger hair, very Spice Girl.

Loving the white 1970’s ankle boots with her oversize black dress. Great for all season to be honest. She has also teamed it with a black oversize men’s blazer. With a Loui Vuitton hangbag.

black dress white boots Amsterdam, streetstyle

Now with tattoos like that, it makes perfect sense to showcase them with a cut outback. In Amsterdam, the day can be sunny, warm with a cool breeze.

White Cowboy Boots

I don’t own any white cowboy boots. But I certainly think of getting some. On this occasion, cowboy boots in white look damn summer hot. Teaming it with an A-line dress, black sunglasses and we have super soft Dutch chic street style here.

black dress white boots Amsterdam, streetstyle

She too has opted for a black small handbag.

Black Eyewear

I am not a fan of black eyewear, I rather opt for oversize in white eyewear. But these women like to trend black. It really comes down to personal taste.

Cruella Hair

If you dare, go all out Cruella black and white hair. It’s certainly a time to go extreme on all counts. Would you wear black and white? How would you wear your white and black? White dress with accessories? Or a black dress, with white accessories?

I am sitting on the bench regarding this. Black in summer is a no, no.