In Venice and Tuscany women are trending the luxury double handbag look. Here in Italy, the popular luxury brands are Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Loui Vuitton.

What the women over fifty do is they have one over the shoulder bag with their personal items. On their other shoulder, they have the luxury tote bag as the grocery or other items to place in. Such as pharmacy goods, clothing and fresh coffee beans for home.

Louis Vuitton Malletier

I am finding this is trending amongst women over 55 years. It has been a long trend for many years that women carry two luxury bags for shopping. It makes perfect sense to me considering how much a handbag costs and also the added accessory message it gives out.

vintage Louis Vuitton Malletier,

On this occasion below you can see the lady is actually wearing a silver bag as her wallet bag. A tote LV for mobile phones and extra wipes in the heat. Then a travel bag for heavier items.

Louis Vuitton Malletier,

Why would you wear more than one bag? For me, it’s like matching lingerie. It sends out a message of wealth and practicality. She clearly has thought the whole outfit through. As the floral pink and bright orange wedges match perfectly with these vintage classic Louis Vuitton Malletier, bags.

Louis Vuitton Malletier,

These ladies would have grown up with little access to these very expensive items. So when you purchased a bag it was for life. Fast fashion did not exist then.

How To Choose Your Double Bags?

It all comes down to your personal love of the bag brand. Whether it be Gucci, Michele De Fine and Ferrari red, GO bag. It really depends on how you are teaming your capsule wardrobe together.

I often wear this as a backpack, then the contrast colour, being the orange bag.

I then opt for beige clothing and olive bags. So the olive backpack I would wear with my fringe olive bag. All made here in Italy. I opt for olive as it is the colour for me of hope.

Gracie Opulanza Olive leather made in Italy handbag

I do this, as the bags are a matching statement for emerging talents here in Italy. They are luxury bags equal in quality to Prada or YVL. But the niche difference is that they stand out, not bought or made by the masses like our mainstream luxury bags like Chanel.

They are wonderful to wear at Forte Dei Marmi, at a seaside resort in Tuscany. Or if you are heading to Pietrasanta.

Double luxury handbag wearing is one I would encourage you to adopt. You get to use your bags more. They look over the top when walking the streets of Venice or Italy.