Designer, founder Michele De Fina is all about preserving the identity of Venice. His leather bags are all about showcasing the Venetian style and lifestyle here in Venice. He is 100% using craftsmanship from the mainland and also the island of Murano. Which is famous for Murano glass.

When in Venice it’s all about capturing the high-quality, unique serenissima of Venice.

Michele De Fina Venzia Rialto bridge 2021 leather orange bag made in Italy (1)

Venice is one big open-air museum and runway. It is a city that we must walk to embrace its heart and soul. It is the city where one can wear a very unique handbag. This museum on the water is our competition to showcase our passion for this rare city.

The Aragosta IT Bag

We live in a world of fast fashion and a saturated luxury bag market. In where Italian luxury leather goods are no longer very niche at all. Everyone can own a Yves Saint Laurent bag or a Gucci bag. But with Michele De Fina you are truly buying art that can be worn on your arm. Venice is a special city so why would you come and buy a Chanel bag?

This Aragosta bag is very niche indeed. Made from calf leather. Zip made in Italy with robust snap buttons for extra security against theft. No one is going to get inside this bag. I like how I can use the snap button and keep the zip open.

I am always about placing my items in the bag and walking off. I get easily distracted and my bag is always left open for anyone to take my purse.

And I am turning fifty next month and this is just a brilliant bag of celebrating half a century.

It’s all made in Italy and a true bag that can not be found anywhere in the world. That is what luxury is about. Owning items that women would love to own but can’t quite afford it.

Standing out from the masses of street style of London, Paris, New York let alone Milano.

Signature Handle

Have you seen anything like it as a bag handle goes? Super unique, super practical and very comfortable walking with this Aragosta bag. The boutique is a short walk from San Marco Square. When I walked through the street Calle Della Canonica I stopped immediately and noticed this exact bag in the window. I instantly fell in love with the bag.

Aragosta Michele Da Fina Venice luxury leather one handle bag orange (2)

This is extra unusual for me as my least passion is handbags. I rarely invest in a handbag. i can’t recall the last time I bought a bag. So when I do buy a bag, it has to very special and stands out from the crowd.

Souvenir Of  Venice

By buying this unique souvenir handbag. Uniting artisans through the water of Venice.  You are truly buying a handbag that was Made In Italy with their historical leather making techniques.

Michele Da Fina Venice luxury leather one handle bag orange (3)

When at home it is a piece of art that can be displayed within your home or office.

While big names closed down during the pandemic The artists like Michele have upped their game. He survived this storm, this economical tidal wave.

Aragosta calf leather made in italy venice bag

Like Venice, Michele rides the waves capturing the handbag lifestyle women are seeking to own today. This Aragosta bag is as unique and rare as the Gondola itself.

Aragosta Michele Da Fina Venice luxury leather one handle bag orange (2)

Venice Historically

We could have had an extraordinary future. Historically Venice was a powerhouse, respected for its multiple, cutting-edge predominantly sea-linked industries.

Alta Moda designers such a Michele are those new innovative boutiques. That need to be embraced, supported and showcased.

It takes courage to buy bags without the big name labels embraced on them. From first-hand experiences in seeing the bigger luxury leather handbag sellers.

Where do you think these bags are all being made? They are all coming from the same manufacturer that Italian’s are famous for. The big difference here is. Michele Da Fina bags are not mass-produced, designed with his signature handles and you can buy from him personally.

No luxury maker, shop attendant or owner cares about your purchase from Louis Vuitton let alone Salvatore Ferragamo. They only care about your bank account! When these boutiques state it’s rare, unique that is the biggest lie of them all. I am getting an Haute couture dress made in Rome to match the bag. I show you how it rocks my fifty styles. I don’t need any more clothes or handbags, what I need is art literally worn on my body and arms.

Venice 2021