Leather Boots

I am a sucker when it comes to boots. I just can’t get enough of them. They literally make me wobble at my knees when I see new collections. I like to buy boots with metal, colours and anything that states boots with attitude. For me they are versatile footwear for all year round. You can walk, let alone run a marathon in them. For me it’s always hard to match your boots with outfits. So why am I writing this article? The truth be known, I just want to share with you that when I buy boots, they always do the talking for me.
For me every pair of shoes I’ve owned from a very young age have been leather. For me my feet are a valuable asset and I won’t compromise anything when it comes to leather. I always go for what feels like quality on my feet. I choose brands where the moment I put them on, I can walk without getting blisters. There are brands that I just love when it comes to boot quality. They are
ASH, Sendra Dr Martens and Cuadra. The reason I love these brands is that the leather is fantastic and they are creative in design. They look and feel amazing and these boots brands certainly understand the respect footwear needs.

Studs and Prints

Depending on what I am aiming for, I always buy boots either with a pattern on them or leather prints. I just like different things and want the boots to visually do the talking. I walk a lot and especially with events, I want to feel and look impressive. My boots always get a lot of notice and attention. So I encourage you to choose different boots and make sure you let your boots do the talking.