I discovered L’Occitane after my house fire last year. I had so much soot on my hands after trying to sort through my damaged items. After a revelation that everything belonged in the bin, I found I had another problem on my hands. The toxic smoke damage black soot would literally not come off my hands let alone my face. The smell of smoke on me was truly shocking.

Hule De Dolce – Shower Gel

Whilst staying at my friend’s place, I noticed she had Hule De Dolce from L’Occitane in her shower. I instantly fell in love with the look of the bottle and its colour. But when I began to use it, the smell and feel of this product was just awesome. To give you an idea, I had to use a lot to get off what I was trying with other products for days. I came out of that shower smelling, feeling soft and most of all the black stains were finally completely off my body and hands. There is something about this shower gel that is healing to me, and after this experience, I have used it everyday for over a year now. I assure you, if you dare touch my shower gel, it can literally get nasty.

Lavender and Precious Cream

It’s been my most favourite smell ever, and being in the lavender region right now confirms that if I could live and sleep in a bed of lavender, then I would do it. I am highly strung at the best of times, so the look and smell of their lavender products gets me all in a lavender fluster. L’Occitane’s night cream is just bliss and I use it day and night. It’s called precious cream for a reason and no one can even touch their little fingers on my tubs.

Gommage Ultra Rich Face Scrub

Oh my goodness, if I could eat this cream I would. It feels amazing on your face and the result on your skin is gorgeous. I have struggled with blackheads all my life, so using this softens them up for the ripening and it has also reduced the time they keep coming back. It does not leave scars on your face when you’re trying to scrape them off your face. It really has given my skin confidence.

Travel Packs

I travel a lot and especially when I am at a fashion events or celebrity interviews, I need to look my best. So they are great for that and light weight. Especially when I am only away for a week at a time. The refills are so sweet too. Easyjet and Ryanair have no issue with them as well, hence perfect for hand luggage.