Aloe Vera works as an effective hair and skincare ingredient for any treatment. Find out here all the great benefits of aloe vera all-natural wellness care. Whilst reviewing a wonderful hotel in Vietnam. I sailed to a gorgeous setting at An Lam Retreats in Ninh Van Bay. One of my unforgettable experiences was seeing how natural Aloe Vera is grown and used. This understated plant has a wealth of ingredients to get soft hair and wonderful skin.


 1. Rich In Nutrients And Minerals

Aloe vera is a succulent plant species of the genus Aloe. There are up to 500 species and is mainly grown in tropical areas. I live in Tuscany and I found lots of Aloe Vera growing widely around the area. I find it is a super robust plant that many people don’t know how to use natural as opposed to buying it in creams.

Watch the video below in Vietnam, with an expert Chef talking me through how to pick and prepare Alow Vera in its natural form. You have to be mindful when starting this process the sticky residue can be tricky.

Aloe Vera All Natural - Hair & Skin Care Benefits

How To Prepare Aloe Vera For Hair And Skincare

In the video below I am walking through the organic gardens full of Vietnamese herbs and spices for eating, cooking and soothing one’s skin. At my age collegian is an issue and using natural aloe leaf is wonderful to be able to use.

What I was amazed about this plant was its skincare versatility.  I could use it as a natural ingredient for my hair. Alongside drinking it. Preparing Aloe Vera is a wonderful way to relax the mind and soul. The green colour is beautiful to see and connect with mother nature.

Aloe vera promotes healthy hair growth thanks to a special enzyme found in aloe called proteolytic enzymes.

 2. High In Antioxidants And Anti Inflammatory Agents

Did you know that when you have sunburn, if you place natural Aloe on your skin it is the most efficient healing plant you can use? It can help with the sing sensation. It is also great for tackling wrinkles.

I did this many times in Vietnam and it felt sticky but the end result was amazing. When you choose to wash it off your skin feel and looks amazing. It is wonderful to also use as a scrub when teaming it with another product. For facial cleansing using it as a mask is amazing. it also helps with blemishes and taking care of unwanted fine lines.


4. Aids Hair Growth And Prevents Hair Loss

When I am continually in tropical areas and swimming. My hair gets dry, brittle due to chlorine, saltwater and the sun raze. Placing this Aleo Vera in its natural form and leaving it in your hair left my hair feeling and looking amazing. it was very soft to feel. My hair was shiny too. It’s like a hair food mask-like Garnier Fructis Banana food, for your hair product. But this is a natural and wonderful experience. Like me, I lose a lot of hair so using it in this very natural form helped my hair stay strong.  It is a wonderful good Conditioner resulting in a very high shine.

5. Relieves Scalp Itching And Dandruff

Due to its ingredients, I felt that my dry scalp full of dandruff was compensated and the itchy feeling was gone. When applying products to your hair like this. I feel like I am on a secluded island and reaping from nature as much as I can. It is all about repair, like a conditioner in your hair. Helps with skin irritations and blemishes. It feels wonderful when you rinse your hair.

6. Facial Cleanser

If you are seeking to connect with nature for an all-inclusive wellness experience. Applying the plant naturally on your face is a gorgeous feeling. During this time of restricted travel if you can get access to this plant it will help with your ageing skin. it also helps touching it for mental health stress release. Touching plants and applying them to your faith is healing to the soul, skin and mind.

If you are seeking a Gwyneth Paltrow skin result then using Aleo Vera will bring you into a state of peace and mindful purpose for your future. It is most well known for its ability to help treat skin condition like psoriasis and acne.

Aloe Vera All Natural - Hair & Skin Care Benefits salt

Drink It

I have never tasted aloe vera juice like this before. Once again it connected to my brain cells and I felt I was putting so many nutrients into my body. The benefits of aloe vera are wonderful.

Aloe Vera All Natural - Hair & Skin Care Benefits

Connecting To Nature

What you give to your skin will give back in youth. If you are seeking to 94, and sip on champagne then using natural products straight from the earth is a key factor for looking youthful. As I m now fifty I am wanting to touch items for my skin that is as natural as possible.

Creating these natural hair and skincare is time worth spending.

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