Botox skin treatment is a great cosmetic procedure that gives you wrinkle-free and youthful skin. However, after having botox, there are several activities you need to limit so you can achieve the best aesthetic results. Recovery from botox is pretty quick and complications rarely occur if the patient is compliant. Keep reading as we share these activities that you need to avoid for a complete recovery. 

Avoid Lying Down

After a botox session, you might want to lie down and rest. However, resting or lying down can cause complications. Avoid resting for at least 4 hours after having botox. The injected toxin can spread, resulting in bruising of the site. You can watch a movie, relax on a couch, talk with friends, or indulge in activities that don’t require too much movement. 

Avoiding Exercise

It might be difficult to skip exercise, especially for fitness enthusiasts, but it is crucial to forego your regular routine for at least a day after having botox. Following an exercise routine after receiving injections of botulinum toxin can cause the toxin to spread to other body parts. Most healthcare professionals even suggest resting for a couple of days before resuming your regular exercise regiment. After the botox session, you will be advised of a couple of exercises that will train your facial muscles and provide the best results.   

Avoiding Skincare Products

Skincare products like makeup should be avoided at all costs if you have undergone facial botox. The goal here is to avoid friction and heat while the toxins settle in on their own. Applying or removing skincare products will create friction on the skin which can alter the results. Besides avoiding these activities, do take care of yourself by following these tips for after botox treatment so you can achieve full recovery within no time. Remember to avoid skincare products for at least 48 hours so you can achieve the best treatment outcomes.  

Avoid Alcohol

You might be tempted to enjoy a couple of drinks with friends or hang out at your favorite bar, but consuming alcohol can interfere with the healing process. Some healthcare professionals even suggest avoiding drinks a day before your procedure.

Avoid Touching The Site

You should avoid touching the injection site for at least 3 days so the botox toxin stays in place. Furthermore, avoid massaging the skin or applying any form of cosmetics as mentioned above. 

Limit Sun Exposure

Direct sunlight can increase the heat of the skin and trigger an increase in blood pressure which can further lead to skin bruising. Avoiding the sun for at least 48 hours is necessary to allow the skin to heal. Furthermore, stay in a cool spot and keep the skin hydrated by drinking adequate fluids. Saunas, hot baths, and tanning beds should also be avoided as they can trigger an adverse reaction.

sunscreen face

Besides avoiding the above-mentioned activities, don’t opt for another skin procedure for at least a week after botox. Furthermore, limit the use of painkillers after having botox as it can lead to discomfort and bruising. We hope the information we shared can assist you in better managing your botox recovery.