Going to a parlour every month is time-consuming and a waste of money. But what would be your reaction when you have a tool that will help you cut your or your family members’ hair? Yes, CreaClip is the only thing that can help you get a new look every month without spending money and time.

This is an innovative as well as a unique hair-cutting tool that can be used for any length of hair. You just need to set the level for balance, slide, and cut with confidence and say goodbye to the uneven cuts as well. A pre-equipped comb in the hair clip will help you distribute the hair straight.

Use the lock and secure your hair. If you want some angle cut, then use the level and rotate it. Create a youthful appearance by using creaclip. Alternatively, you can trim the ends of your hair to make them look healthier.

What is CreaClip?

CreaClip is a professional home hair cutting tool that you can safely use for every family member. It can also save a thousand bucks and time, as you can use it for the entire family. Get a new haircut every week with a creaclip.

Whatever your hair type, such as long, curly, straight, or short, this hair clip can give your hair a new life. You can get a balanced cut and a whole new hair look by trimming your hair. If you are confused, then study our creaclip review to understand better.

How to Cut Hair With Creaclip?

When it comes to home haircutting, the best solution is the creaclip. This product is very useful for kids’ hair cutting to maintain the bangs. While you or your family members are using CreaClip, they are actually saving time and money together. You can simply trim your hair or want to create any customized style, and this clip can do the best.

creaclip cutting fringe

●      V-shaped Hairstyle with CreaClip

You can try several types of haircuts with a creaclip at home. Here we’re describing the V-shaped layers with a creaclip-

  • Flip the head over and try to eliminate all the knots and tangles from your hair.
  • Attach the CreaClip on the hair and try to slide it down until it reaches the length you want to cut.
  • If the CreaClip is not centered, then you’ll not get the even haircut. You can trim the hair if you need.
  • If you don’t want split cuts as well as need a textured look, make sure you do a 45-degree angle cut.

With this procedure, you’ll get a face-framing layer that will form a V-shape look on the backside.

●      U-shape Hairstyle with CreaClip

If you want a U-shape hairstyle, then try this process-

  • Take half of the hair over the shoulder. After that part, it is down the middle. Gather all the hair from both sides of the shoulder.
  • Slide the creaclip under the chin and secure it until the clip ensures the most extended layers.
  • Now trim the hair at a 45-degree angle.

The layers will be longer without a sharp “point” in the back when removing the CreaClip. This style is particularly recommended if you have thin hair. Through this, it will make your hair appear fuller and healthier.

●      Bangs with CreaClip

Do you want to add bangs after cutting the layers to your desired length? Alternatively, do you want to trim and texture your hair after having the desired bangs?

The CreaClip makes it simple to generate a variety of bang styles, but here are some of them-

  • For texturized hair, use the small blue clip over the bangs. Then texturize them by vertically adjusting the clip with the thinning shears.
  • Gather some hair from the front for curtain bangs and flip the creaclip over 180 degrees. Thus you can create a twist on your hair. Now slide the clip down gradually straight to your nose and cut at a 45-degree angle.

Is It Necessary To Keep The Level In The Middle When Cutting?

The bubble in the middle will not affect the final result when you cut your hair. It’s there to give you a guideline. Once you’ve got the CreaClip in place, all you have to do now is hold it stable in that position.

When cutting, it’s fine to move your hand out of place, and the bubble travels out of the middle. You’ll get fantastic results if you keep chopping until around 80% in the approximate spot. If you lose your position, keep in mind that you can always stop and restart.

What Kind Of CreaClip Maintenance Is Required?

There are no batteries or maintenance required, and it can be used repeatedly. After every use, clean the hair off the CreaClip. A quick wash with detergent and cool water will be acceptable to clean it up if it’s filthy. Then air-dry it, and you’re done.

Wrapping Up

CreaClip is a great thing that works on all kinds of hair, such as wavy, straight, thick, and thin hair. Ensure your hair is combed and tangle-free for maximum outcomes. Try to blow-dry or flat-iron your hair if it’s highly curly before cutting.

The unusual design stretches to accommodate varied hair thicknesses. If your hair is particularly thick, split it into two or three portions before cutting it. While cutting very thin hair, you may need to hold on to the CreaClip to keep it from sliding