Hair is a very emotive part of your body, embrace it at fifty. The stereotype of wearing long hair at fifty for many women is cultural. I noticed in Holland and the United kingdom women fear being mocked thanks to society’s expectations.

long blonde hair pantene

Therefore where women live has a massive influence on one length of hairstyle and colour.

But when it comes to long hair confidence, Italian women over fifty have no shame.

Fifty long hair Italian

This lady looks amazing in her late fifties. She does not belong into the let’s grey, at fifty mentality.

Fifty long hair Italian

Opting for her natural dark hair colour and long hair.

Italian Women

I noticed here in Italy women over fifty have very long dark hair. This silver Kim Kardashian hair trend is not popular amongst women here over fifty, let alone in their forties. Wearing very short hair is when they are well and truly in their late sixties.

long hair at fifty

Long Hair

Italian women love to wear very long hair and if so it’s always close to their natural hair tone. Dutch women like to wear very short hair and make it as white as possible or punk rock red.

denim shorts cowboys boots

Here long bobs are common. On this occasion, longer hair amongst women at fifty is even longer.

cowboy boots denim lace shorts

Two-Tone Browns

Our worse critics are the labelling of wearing long hair over fifty is taboo amongst ladies aged under 18years old. Look at Carrie or Charlotte from Sex and The City, are they not trending a very long hairstyle?

black long hair

Women over fifty here in Italy will wear hair this long if they have the hair to do so.

Pantene Campaign

Pantene has launched its new #MyHairWontBeSilenced campaign, this week. To challenge younger women to back off and learn from the experienced women. That we rule the hair trends.

Pantene long hair at fifty

This lady is over fifty and looks at her hair condition. From the back, you may never ever know how old she is.

Italian and French women love to wear long hair.

pink frills venice maxi dress

This lady above is Italian.

Super Blonde

This lady below is French and over fifty.

I notice the Italian women who can pull it off are not afraid to go for a Versace, Donatella hair colour and length.

Versace Print Venice made in italy rialto bridge 2021

Natural Tones

It seems lighter colour tones are popular and if done well. It does give a more youthful and healthy over all outcome.

versace medusa venice italy


Even if they over sixty, they won’t opt for grandma looking hairstyles let alone colours. For some mid-length hair is still poopular.

fifty hairstyles Pantene

Layering Long Hair

What is also popular is a Charlie’s Angels layering long hair. Mixing several colour tones to get a more youthful, playful overall look.

long Italian hair over fifty

fifty hairstyles Pantene

Breaking The Hair Stereotype

Spanish and Italian women don’t opt for the United Kingdom fear-mongering fashion and hairstyle bullying. They are not afraid to wear above the knee dresses let alone opting for natural colour hair tones with long hair.

fifty hairstyles Pantene

No youthful lady would even dare challenge us, women, at fifty how to wear our hair let alone how to dress. We are Made In Italy and our hair is just as important as our shoes. We don’t follow the stereotype of lifestyle here in Italy, we live the La Dolce Vita. That means like this wonderful lady at 94. Who get’s her hair washed and blowed dried every week sipping champagne.

Be inspired by us Italian women as we are the Alta Moda trendsetters of the world. Hairstyles here in Italy is liking accessories. not a hair out of place. No one dares go outside with messy hair here.

champagne at 94 years old

As Italian women, we are not afraid to push back our hairstyle messages and go against the youthful stereotypes of the judgment of today. I am turning fifty in two weeks, it’s time to get rid of the dark hair colour. What should I opt for?

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