Fashion eyewear  this season is fantastic. How do you go about buying the right specs for you? Here are some tips on how to choose a pair of spectacles that will bring you right up to date this season. Your individual personality and style should  be taken into consideration when choosing your glasses. Think about hair colour, skin tone,  and face shape. You can never own too many spectacles so buy around the season your in.

  • Round: Rounded pair of sunglasses. Gracie Opulanza Prada converts have been a clear winner this season.
  • Cat’s Eyes: It’s feminine and  50’s look is so in right now.
  • Geek Style: Think thick, black wayfarer frames. Prada rocks with this style.
  • Deep Retro: Johnny Depp-style specs.  A prefered option for smaller faces.
  • Colour Pop: While black, brown and grey tones remain consistently popular. Mui Mui sunglasses fit the bill nicely.
  • Texture: Rimless/semi-rimless: If you are looking for  a modern or minimalist look. Go for a  lightweight option. Sarah Jessica Parker shows us how it’s worn.
  • Prepped: Manly and square-shaped with a touch of 50’s vintage.  Cutler and Gross should sort this out for you.
  • High tech: Timeless and  featuring brushed metal frames it  provides a futuristic look. Think Lady GaGa.
  • Contrast: Thick white frames with red lens, or black frames with yellow lens. It’s all on the high street right now.

Check out my latest video showing you the hottest glasses to get right now and ones that have been timeless.

Professional Tips In Choosing Eyewear