In 2016 I am exploring more and more regarding Social Media Marketing. I am delving into shots and videos that no one has explored before. Or should I say turning the marketing of fashion literally on its head. The way I see it, right now the marketing of brands are more open to social media influences. They are understanding that Social Media Marketing can be powerful too.


For me I am experimenting regarding my influence on-line. I don’t look at myself as the normal fashion blogger, because I am not under 25, I don’t look like Kate Moss and certainly don’t represent those huge fashion magazines that we all so have been used to for the last 100 years. I’m everything opposite, these shots are raw, real and just damn right cool.


Just Being Me

I was at the Total Fight Snowboarding competition and whilst waiting for these guys to jump I had an idea. I wanted to create a unique style of my own using my mobile phone. This was hard because I could not see when they were jumping and I was on my own. No other woman was up here and to be fair getting a press pass is not easy to get. That is exciting to know too that in 2016 I am getting into more and more interesting events due to my social media platforms. So what I had to do was stand literally under the jump made of snow and try and see what angle was best.



Can you believe it, I have never used a GoPro before, so after four years I decide to purchase one. I charged it up and just hoped for the best, this is my first video.

My Extreme Eye-wear

I recently bought new eye-wear as you can see in the photos and I loved the shape of them. I have three pairs which were sunglasses but I have been converting them into normal eye-wear. For me this is all about finding my own definitive style. This was the best fun trying to click at a speed you could not even imagine on a mobile phone. It was a guess of let’s see what turns out. I can honestly say, I have created an original peace of eye-wear marketing.

Gracie Opulanza TOtalfight 2016 Eyewear Selfie Shot (6)


These shots were taken by me. It was really hard to guess when to take the shot whilst the guys were jumping. I had my mobile on a selfie stick and just hoped a good shot would come out of it. For me I loved doing this and it was another way to get my message about extreme eye-wear, extreme fun and the power of social media.