I am not a fan of stockings and only wear them on occasions. But what happens when your at the office, and you’re invited to a party. Your have no time to change and your outfit just like some parties, can be a little hit and miss.  On one hand they can be a thoroughly enjoyable night with people to whom you usually just talk business, or a disaster of pointless, forced conversations and awkward eye contact. To avoid the latter, there are a few things you should take into consideration. The main thing is what you wear.  I am a huge fan of knee high socks, because they can rock both day and night. 

You want to look great, but you don’t want to reveal too much and be the talk of the office come Monday. Make an otherwise potentially tedious work function a fun and enjoyable one. 

Hot Leather Accessories

It is a very versatile fabric leather and currently the trends for women are stunning. It is a perfect fabric for office wear too. If popping out for an office occasion, just like below you can turn your office wear into evening with some accessories such as knee high socks.

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The first thing you need to remember is that even though it is a ‘party’, you are going to be attending this party with everyone you work with, making it more formal than the other parties you may attend this season. You should follow a slight dress code when dressing for such an occasion, as you don’t want to give off the wrong impression to people you spend 40 plus hours a week with.

A great tip is to think of your usual office wear and loosen it up. So, ladies can add a bit of height to their heels and show a little more skin with some quirky knee high socks.

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Coats Worn As A Dress

I am a woman that sets trends. So why not do the opposite and that winter coat you adore, turn it into an evening dress instead. It serves two purposes and let’s face it, you will be at work all day and this becomes less weight to carry around. Slap on a headpiece and before you know it, your day wear has turned into night wear. I wear a silk slip underneath the dress so when you become too hot and want to let your hair down, then you can. Choose a loud pair of knee high socks to give some evening bling. Also it really can change the whole look of the outfit.

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Foldable Pumps

They are versatile and look fantastic. Very comfortable to wear and you can throw at least four foldable pumps in your handbag if you choose to change your shoes during your office party. They look so adorable with knee high socks, suits, dresses and leather trousers.

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Knee High Socks

I have been wearing these for months now and they are so cute. They are a perfect accessory, regarding office wear.


The most important thing is that you enjoy your night, indulge in a little eating and a little drinking, but make sure it is just a little, especially with drinking. You want to enhance your enjoyment of the party, not end up being carried out by your Boss at 3 am. This will only create uncomfortable meeting situations. It is very important to mind your manners at an any of your office parties.

Remember, you will be seeing all those faces again on Monday morning.

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