Women running in super high heels

It’s a big issue that any women will complain about through out the course of their life. High heels it’s a love hate relationship. The key issue how high is too high? How comfortable can a high heel really be. Why are we so addicted to them no matter how painful they may seem.  Are there any high heels that one can truly say, hey I can run a  marathon in these today. Well at least wear them for a few hours and enjoying the process.  Are there heels after a few days, that the most adept heel walker is not feeling pain from the balls of her feet to the back of her neck.

Why do women wear high heels

For me high heels make me feel sexy. I know from experience how women  walk certainly get the guys noticing. The way women walk if done well, can get any man all in a fluster, especially when their butts are swaying here and there. More so heels just rock any outfit any time of the year, they look good with everything.

There is great article written by the Huffington Post about why us women are suckers for wearing heels every single time.

Platforms Are They Really High And Flattering?

I love platforms because they give me height but the key solution is they are high heels with out the calf pain. If chosen well you can literally stand in them all day, as for running in them well it’s worth a try. I find they are not that flattering when you are looking to team them with a classic black little number. In fact I love to wear them with super long trousers.

Pointed platforms with sqaure heels

Square Heels Worth Running In

For dressy events and dancing, a mid-height heel with straps that won’t cut into your feet is always a winner. Also the square heel looks great and they are very steady on your feet. They are versatile and in most cases very comfortable. I have bought some from Dune and I run in them all night, even after Will Smith. Don’t buy them too high otherwise it kills your feet.

Kristina Goes West - Gracie Opulanza for Wellchild Charity at The Savoy

I was literally running in these all night



Booties & Cole Haan

Cole Haan and Nike have got there thinking comfy hats on. They have combined combined Cole Haan shoes with comfy Nike Air technology for a heel that’s worth wearing to the gym.

Cole Haan and-Nike comfy heels

Boots with sqaure heels

So whatever your plans there comes a time where you need to balance your work with your play.

Kurt-Geiger satin high heels

These are truly comfy


Gliiter dancing shoes silver

I always buy a pair of dancing shoes. the make and leather are amazing


Booties wedges black