Jack Wills Tweed suit for women with a pink collar

Life throws you many things and for me it’s been the best year of my life on a career front. As for my personal life, blimey my character is certainly being challenged and refined. So today I had to go to court. It dawned on me, What on earth shall I wear. What is appropriate, shall I wear a dress or a suit?  What colour shall I choose? Does it really matter what I wear?  You damn right it does. No matter if you are the guilty party or not. In this case I am the victim OF a crazy injustice. Whatever you do, WEAR A POWER SUIT. What do I mean by this. A suit that makes you feel strong, confident and powerful no matter what gets thrown your way.

So this is an encouragement to those who are going through the same ordeal. You need to know it’s important to send out a clear message. I’m strong (even if you don’t feel like it), I mean business therefor, notice my suit. Finally no matter what, each time you see me I will dress to impress. AND I WON’T GIVE UP.

Power Suits

Today I chose to wear grey tweed. No not my favourite colour at all. But I teamed it with a white blouse with a love heart on it. I can tell you, I am certainly not feeling the love from my opposition. The suit was not too tight, it had a nice feminine touch to it. The suit was from Jack Wills. Why I chose it as the pressure begins to build you can actually turn the suit jacket inside out and before you know it. Bang, just like the change of the mood on court. In this case my jacket. A puzzled look sets my way. She is wearing another suit?  Your most powerful tool is your sense of humour. I always use it where ever I go. Come in on the defense and you will get no where. Trust me I have learnt the hard way.


Big and loud is my motto. Today I chose Furla leather bag. For me my bag shows that I gotta a lot to say and state. It’s always a good distraction. Waiting in court can take ages. As for my shoes they are from Uterque, my studded black high heels and I feel so strong in them. Nope I can’t run in them but I certainly tell you. If I am sending out a message, it certainly saying I am going to dig in my heels at all accounts. Plus a very unusual dress code for shoes. But hey, I am not allowed to say anything yet. So I let my high heels do the talking. Plus they are a nice distraction to look at when things get heated. I don’t like to let them now what I am thinking or feeling.

Hairstyles & Make up

Tied back, keep it simple and business like. If you have very short hair, chic and sleek. This is about your image and that you are lying low conservatively, taking it all in. Nothing bright very simple just enhance you natural beauty. Plus if it’s an emotional roller coaster for you. Then there is nothing worse than having make up all over your face.

Judgement Day

Remember in my case I am the victim and it’s obvious that I will come out a winner. At what cost, time will tell. But for me loud, red and hot flaming suit. Yes when I come in they are going to know about it. Big chunky pearls, high heels and a whole lot of silent bravado. It’s my suit and appearance that is the message here. That Gracie Opulanza, will fight to justice prevails. I will put my image up when the day comes of me in my victory suit.

The Battle Of The Mind

No matter how long it takes make sure you have a power statement, that you can hold onto in times of low moments.

Know today that there is no force in the universe that can stop you from fulfilling your God-given destiny except for you. God is for you. The enemy is against you. They both have a plan for your life. No house fire, no car crashes and no injustice can taken away my freedom of a sound peaceful mind. You cast the deciding vote for whose plan you will actually live out.

FURLA Leather bag

Jack Wills Tweed suit for women with a pink collar

Gracie-Opulanza Bob Haircut

Jack Wills Tweed suit for women with a pink collar


Jack Wills Tweed suit for women with a pink collar

Keep them thinking the unexpected

Uterque Studded black high heels

These shoes make me feel indistructable