Over the years I have been obsessed with leather. The way it looks feels and makes me act is something I cannot explain well. It is only when you see me in action wearing the outfits that I can only be described as a force of nature. I wear it very much now because I am at a stage where growing my business is getting harder. For personal reasons, leather motivates me to keep on moving forward. I guess it empowers me to not give up and be creative.
I have travelled to Morocco a few times to see how leather is made from start to finish. It’s painstakingly tedious, and old school ways and methods are still in use now. Men and women in the ink pools literally working that leather into the colours we so adore. For this experience I have the utmost respect for those people who craft the leather ready for the designers to work with it.
Designers who know the art of creating leather into an admirable collection is a skill in itself and one that not all can master. The history of marketing leather outfits still has a very sexual way of presenting the women like posing for Playboy. Even if you google leather now, I can’t believe how dated the marketing mindsets still are.

Leather Mixing Fabrics

For whatever reason, the way leather has been marketed over the years is very sexual. However, I got excited to see the current designs that have come through in the last few months. I have written many articles about leather and also done a few videos on how you can try to style yourself. It’s not an easy material to get right and style. But thanks to some dedicated designers out there, we can now see mixing fabrics and literally lacing leather into all sorts of dresses and jackets.




Leather Will Get You Into TOP GEAR

I encourage you to experiment with different colours of leather. At the moment I mainly stick to black because I travel a lot and it’s a versatile colour to mix and match with accessories. More so I am finding that less is best when you wear leather. Just make sure your hair is simple and your shoes are simple. It really depends on what colour you go for. The key in looking fabulous in leather is to make sure the style suits your body shape. The reactions I get with my black leather dress from male super models and famous dancers is nothing short of a great ego boost. My next leather colour I am hunting for right now is blue, a beautiful majestic colour that suits every season.


Haute-Couture-2011-Living-Jewels-6 Haute-Couture-2012-Cavalry-1

Leather In Summer

It depends where you are based but summer in Europe can be a hit and miss. Light leather jackets are very chic indeed. Make sure your undergarments are light and don’t be afraid to wear floral prints under your leather jackets. It’s a timeless elegant mix. The following images are my top choices of what is coming into stores.

Mercedes-Benz-FashionWeek-Amsterdam-GRAZIA-NL-Presents-Marga-Weimans-Leather-couture-9 Mercedes-Benz-FashionWeek-Amsterdam-GRAZIA-NL-Presents-Marga-Weimans-Leather-couture-8

Leather Corsets

Not easy to find but I spotted this and my goodness, what an elegant piece of leather art. Leather corsets can be teamed with many floral dresses this summer. Trust me, great for the posture and your confidence alone.

Leather corsets 2015