Uterqüe is another brand from Spanish retail conglomerate Inditex better known for Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear and Berksha. I have loved Uterqüe (pronounced oo-ter-kway) and have been a faithful customer since 2012.

This red leather skirt was from 2020 Uterqüe. I find the leather quality is good and the price si as competitive as ZARA.

Uterqüe Spain Zara Uterqüe Spain Zara


Uterqüe is a sophisticated fashion accessory brand that boasts excellent quality at mid-range prices. Its collections include clothing and leather garments and are all designed exclusively by Uterqüe’s creative team. Uterqüe was launched in 2008 and has gained strong customer loyalty in the markets in which it has an established presence.

My Review

Over the ten years, I have been loyal to this brand for three reasons alone. First, the unique designs are fantastic and very vintage-inspired. The shops interior is aimed at fifty-year-old plus. They target women who are eccentric and not afraid of colour. Their accessories are amazing, good quality and they don’t mass produce clothing unlike ZARA.

Uterque knitwear dress

Massimo Dutti Versus Uterque

These two are under the same company name. But Uterque stand alone and the quality of clothes seem to endure washing machines, unlike Massimo Dutti. Teaming their accessories with high-quality brands like Trinny Woodall does with ZARA. This is why I invest in this brand.

Uterque knitwear dress

This accessory is chunky and very eccentric so it tailors to more woman that is interested in style opposed to fast fashion.

Uterqüe 2012 Gracie Opulanza Inditex

Uterqüe 2012 Gracie Opulanza

Fabric And Leather Quality

I am very fond of excellent quality when it comes to leather and fabrics. But in the scheme of design versus quality Uterqüe leads the way in its design. I own Uterqüe handbags chunky jewellery, leather jackets, trousers, playsuits and the list could go on and on. I still wear them as the cuts are timeless and the quality is very good.

I wouldn’t say it is of the highest quality when it comes to fabric choices let alone leather, but it is certainly much better quality than Massimo Dutti and Zara/ Uterqüe designs are much more unique and for this reason alone I am loyal to the brand. Unlike Zara, the collection does not change every 6 weeks.

I just adore the jacket above the purchased end of January 2013. So do a lot of people in London.


Uterqüe 2012 Gracie Opulanza

Leather Quality

It is not like my leather Tuscany made in Italy jackets or handbags. But the price reflects that too. Iterque on sale is amazing.

Leather handbag 2021, here in Venice, by MicheleDeFine 

Michele De Fine Aragosta orange leather bag Gracie Opulanza made initaly (3)

They do great leather jackets and in Ferrari red too. Red leather teams well with orange. The outfit below including the culottes is 2020, Uterque. I find unlike Massimo Dutti, when you wash the clothes they seem to last and look better.

Uterque leather jacket

Their attention to detail regarding accessories is why I love this brand. it is the only fast fashion, a high street brand I shop for, unlike ZARA.


Uterque knitwear dress is a limited edition that they have introduced within the brand. So their limited Edition retails at a higher price than other collections.

Uterque knitwear dress

Chunky Jewelry

If there is one brand that does chunky jewellery so well, it is Uterqüe. I love chunky jewellery, my mantra is the bigger the better, I love statement pieces. This shoot done last year for Ford Mustang was a huge hit because the necklace just sets a clear message. Uterqüe accessories allow me to do the talking in this case the driving. I have many necklaces and handbags from Uterqüe.

In the interview below I am wearing a coral necklace from Uterqüe at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week 2015.


Uterqüe Shoes

These are my favourite shoes from Uterqüe, they do look like a Louboutin knock off minus the price tag and the red sole. These spikes tell a story, don’t mess with Gracie and her high heels. I find their shows look great but are not very good quality. With lockdown, they are perfect to wear inside.


Playsuit Flared

This oversized playsuit matched the Rolls Royce Cullinan. As over the top and it is very good for hiding the tummy. The embroidery on it is why I bought it. The flares cut is super funky and chic.

Uterque playsuit