Knitwear is rocking for this year and the next winter. So how do your knitwear clash with mix and matching your existing items? How can you invest in one insane item that clashes with anything and everything you wear?

Carl Friedrick

The luxury Carl Friedrik carry on suitcase is light and is trimmed with Tuscan leather from Italy. Perfect for staycation and weekend getaways.

Carl Friedrick carry on case Grand Canal venice

Chunky & Funky

Everything starts out of love and passion. This elastic, chunky cardigan is just one of those items that can be worn with anything.

I decided to team it with a cream knitwear dress a limited edition made from the Inditex brand, Massimo Dutti. This is a fab example of knitwear clashing. I loved how it made me feel.Ca' Sagredo Hotel Ventian palazzo italy ( stair case Gracie Opulanza

Dancing on the 500-year-old palazzo staircase is how it made me feel. Knitwear and a combination of Venice and its fabulous artwork. Go hand in hand when it comes down to knitwear collaborations.

Ca' Sagredo Hotel Stair case gracie opulanza

There is a trend I encourage you to embrace. To mix and match knitwear with interior decoration. The walls of the environment where we live, sleep or are in lockdown. Are part of who we are and how we behave.

Sustainable Clashing

Clashing with the grand canal by wearing knitwear makes perfect sense. If we wear clothes that take care of Venice. Then it makes me feel I am playing my part for our earth.

Ballroom Ca' Sagredo Hotel Ventian palazzo italy ( Gracie Opulanza (3)

Ca sagredo palazzo Venice Italy Gracie Opulanza knitwear (4)

Walls and surfaces take on new meanings and bring new atmospheres and perspectives to any environment. With this palazzo, the fantasy and property are why I combined knitwear with the 500-year-old frescos.

ornate ceiling 15th century venice Ca sagredo fresco ca sagredo venice palazzo hotel

Knitwear is a stunning fabric and design clothing. That like the history of Italy will last a lifetime or more. The work that goes into knitwear is why it is expensive. Or it’s is deeper than that. I bought the cardigan as it made me feel very niche and stand out. I am all about style, not fast fashion.

Fashion is for the masses, style is art.

How To Choose Your Knitwear?

You can start with your favourite colour. Mine was purple. 

I wore my purple sweater for months in a very cold Tuscany villa. I shrunk it which is really sad. So hand wash your knitwear, wool is very robust.

If you want to be more excentric then opt for clothes that my mother wore. This upcycling cardigan made out of elastic is a real art piece. It looks fabulous even when not worn.

Ca sagredo palazzo Venice Italy Gracie Opulanza knitwear (2)

I teamed it with silver leather high heels as this outfit is as creative and artistic as Made In Italy itself. This cardigan is a celebration of artists and around Europe that need to be supported and reassured their work is of value.

knitwear upcycling cardigan