2020 is all about sustainable fashion and the choices we make when purchasing bespoke fashion. For several years now knitwear designer Mihaela Markovic.  has adapted to the demand for her customers in creating niche items that will last a long time and not date.

I have been wearing knitwear from the brand Clothes That My Mother Wore for many years.  Their brand ethics are strong when it comes to sustainable fashion.

Theses quality cardigans will last a lifetime. They take on average six weeks to make.

Whilst reviewing the Strand Palace Hotel in London, I decided to showcase the collection in the hotel dining area. To give examples of how elegant and chic the knitwear cardigans look.

MIHAELA MARKOVIC 2019 Knitwear Black Strand Palace Hotel London United Kingdom Fashion

With cardigans this beautiful you don’t have to team them with much regarding other clothing. Either with a skirt or leather leggings combined with knee leather boots. This noir knitwear collection stands alone in any hotel setting.


You can never go wrong dining out in a luxury cardigan. These noir pieces are s stunning on and look very stylish at night. With a simple white shirt dress worn underneath the cardigans, one can see how effortlessly the cardigan collection looks. Wearing knitwear cardigans like this adds elegance to your dining style.

Knitwear - Luxury Cardigan Tips

The noir glam knitwear is a smart colour choice for dining out. it is very slimming too.

Gold YVL Jewellery

That is what these elegant cardigans are all about. They ooze a timeless message. It is why my accessories are from YVL jewellery collection of the 1980s. These vintage pieces are coated in 22crt gold. They have withstood the test of time because they are quality.

My favourite cardigan is the oversized chunky piece. This chunky cardigan is like live art. Its complexity of knitwear skill is beautiful.

As art, I placed it at the bar whilst drinking champagne. At hotel bars, everyone is watching what people are wearing.

Gold Cardigan

It is very niche to see a gold cardigan been created like this. It is so classy and when at any five-star hotel. An item like this has to be showcased.

MIHAELA MARKOVIC 2019 Knitwear Black Strand Palace Hotel London United Kingdom Fashion

I am just congratulating Mihaela, the designer regarding her masterpieces. If you seeking to attract attention then this is the brand that ticks all the boxes. As the festive season is upon us what a gorgeous gift to purchase. Or gift me.

Knitwear - Luxury Cardigan Tips

I chose to wear my Fendi eyewear. It is not uncommon to see people at the bar in sunglasses. I just felt so super glamour wearing the gold cardigan.

Power Up Your Career Potential

It is important right now to choose clothes that can power up your career potential.

By choosing to wear knitwear that takes weeks to create. Shows you care about the nature we live in.

Knitwear - Luxury Cardigan Tips

I have large arms and this slimming cardigan are flattering for those who have larger arms. When I am not wearing the cardigans I window to display them in my home.

“I describe them as clothes that get better with age, just like fine wine”.

Knitwear - Luxury Cardigan Tips

Bosnia & Herzegovina

The women in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina who make the Artisanal Collection are at the very heart of the brand. Commitment to longevity, creating high-quality items that are meant to outlive us is one of the main pillars of the brand.

Clothes That My Mother Wore goals are to provide these women with a fair and stable income. You ordering knitwear is part of these women’s solid base for the future. Your cash supports women in small businesses.

Bespoke is all about the buying experience and knowing that these cardigans are one-off items. Made for your body type.

Knitwear - Luxury Cardigan Tips

Knitwear Made Personal

Mihaela the founder explains,

We spend a lot of time living and working with them, perfecting the techniques and patterns for our designs and producing quality handmade items that you will cherish for years.

In addition, each item is personally signed by the knitter who created it, ensuring that its ultimate owner, wherever they may be, has a better understanding of the time and the commitment woven into their individual garment.

MIHAELA MARKOVIC 2019 Knitwear Black Strand Palace Hotel London United Kingdom Fashion

These are my favourite knitwear brand to date. They look, feel noir fabulous.

I know Audrey Hepburn would have loved this brand.