I grew up in Australia where the window dressing made a much greater relevance to attract the attention of a consumer. When I arrived in Europe and Central London in 1997 I loved looking at window dressings.

Covid 19 has destroyed our window dressing experience. It’s all online shipping now.

But I believe people still want to walk down the high street and buy items they can, touch, feel, and try on.

Rome, Paris, New York, and London high streets are closed. Some stores are closed forever. The massive department stores, I grew to love, in central London are gone.

Department stores were the masters of window dressing. Selfridges London and Harrods London lead the way for enticing consumers to browse and shop.

John Lewis as we know it has closed most parts for office space now. Topshop owned by Arcadia group is in massive trouble.

Online Versus Window Dressing

We all have to adapt to a new way of shopping. The values of ​​safety, social distance, and cleanliness now are much more than before the biggest shopping challenge for any large department store.

We are humans and we love to browse whilst walking any high street. I have visited many cities around the world. It’s the excitement of window dressing that lures me into buying something I really don’t need.

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Window Art Dressing

I recently read that art galleries are taking the opportunity of renting empty prime real estate shops. And choosing stores that have large windows with floor to ceiling window displays space. And displaying their artwork for people who dare to walk the streets of Paris let alone London.

Sales are being made due to people looking at art whilst walking the dog.

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Fashion Window Display

This is a harder sell due to online platforms such as Amazon. But in the world of haute couture, those that can be creating the best window dressing marketing like never before.

Window dressing psychology is all about the look, touch, and feels experience.

Your window is your fashion message. Like my generation who grew up with trying things on. More so than ever choosing niche items that one can feel and touch will pay off.

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How To Window Dress Your Store

Be true to yourself trust your gut instinct. Display items as if your business depends on it. Hire someone to do it. Do it well! Recycle what you have.

Be practical in what people are seeking to buy.  Don’t cut corners on any display. Opt for a sustainable message,  make it clear your recycle items.

Ask your customer to bring their own shopping bag to put your items in it.

Team up with other people who could sell your items and vice versa.

Arts And Craft

More so than ever with time on our side and plenty of stay home lifestyle now. Get your shop selling items made in your city. Less is more.

Negotiate what you sell at the moment. Watch the customer if they keep eyeballing an item.

Ask them why they are stalling?

Barter has always been around. Have no shame in lowering your price right there and then.

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Wear What You Sell

I am amazed at how many designers don’t wear the items they are selling in the shop. People need to see the clothing or accessory come to life. So show them how you can style your own collection. By simply wearing the items you have for sale in the shop. If you are selling turbans wear one.

Customer service with a smile never fails. Be attentive to who is in your shop.

If you can offer them a drink especially in high-end boutiques.

Jewellery takes time to decide on purchasing.

coral discs, green labradorite wands and a raw quartz focal stone. Hung on gold plated chain. NKB London necklace 2020 Olive rosemary grape tomatoes

Understand Your Foot Traffic

Walk your street know your clientele and sell. Host drink nights and offer incentives for customers to return. Make sure your shop smells nice and is clean at all times during winter.

Offer free cloth masks and be nice but firm regarding the social distancing regulations.

Fresh flowers are always a winner.

Villa Reale Tuscany Lucca Marlia (4)

Chase your existing customers after four weeks to make them aware of your new items in store.

Reward them with a small gift such as chocolates.

Not any chocolates, one that you make and can sell. Support your local artists.

Sell items that lure your customer slow fashion, sustainable fashion, and wool.

Wool lasts forever and can be worn all year round.

Red Hooded Cape Angela Facchini Rome (2)

Home Window Displays

My tree went up it is the first time I opted for an organic Christmas decor within my Villa here in Tuscany. I opted for more lights and decorations than ever.  Why am I experimenting with my home window display?

For the simple reason, window dressing is one of our favourite new traditions. This year more attention is turning to our windows, We have more time and need some positivity due to Covid 19. I am experimenting with my window scraping in preparation to rival any department store display for 2021.



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Window Dressing - Why It Has To Be Saved