The European football governing body UEFA has made it clear it supports its member associations to organize the infrastructure and laws that promote the protection of sexual orientations and gender identities. Join the debate on men’s football versus women’s football and why being gay is a taboo marketing campaign when it comes to European football for blokes.

As Outsports has documented brilliantly, there are at least 162 openly gay athletes in Tokyo this year, an Olympic record! And, according to research, 42 of those athletes are women and non-binary soccer players.

On the contrary for football men, I can’t help ponder who is openly gay? And flying that rainbow flag.

Why Are Men Not Out Spoken About Gay Rights

In all the years I have watched football. The media always harps on about marital affairs. Wayne Rooney and his prostitutes. Or men romping in the back of the Bentayga. Or that famous football affair with David Beckham and Rebecca Loos. If any European footballer player is caught in the hotel room having sex with numerous women. It is always spotted on social media. Why aren’t the football media talking about men sleeping with men?

I wrote an article years ago about Giroud modelling for a gay magazine. But who has done it since?

Why are men’s football players afraid to fly the rainbow banner? It’s like being gay is a taboo subject when it comes to football marketing?

Homosexuality In Football What Is UEFA's Policy On LGBTQ

Miedema World’s Best LGBTQ Player

Dutch female Miedema who is the world’s best female player obviously leading the pack. Openly unapologetic being gay.

Football for men is a very masculine, macho sport. The outfits from Nike and how it’s marketed may be compromised if it’s targeting homosexual men. I really don’t know what in 2021, men in football are not openly highlighting their sexual preferences.

Women Football Players Pride House

I don’t watch football much, but an alarm bell went off when I did last night. Why are female footballers have a much more inclusive society when it comes to anti-LGBTQ, non-binary or gay communities.

When it comes to football for men, the total is opposite, regarding men coming out as gay. On social media is there any man promoting or holding a homophobic banner. Is there any man taking on the Hungarian football team’s presence? Is any man representing gender change amongst male football in Europe?

As far as my eye can see no man has the balls to challenge or represent human rights groups. Say I am gay and I play football.

UEFA’s Human Rights Policy

Interesting to see UEFA representing the colours of the rainbow. Why did they do this? It is a symbol that embodies our core values, promoting everything that we believe in – a more just and egalitarian society, tolerant of everyone, regardless of their background, belief or gender.

Thanks to the women who don’t represent the Hungarian national parliament. This political symbol of diversity flying the flags for homosexuality will just get stronger and stronger. Being gay and playing football for women is part of the game culture.

Homosexuality In Football What Is UEFA's Policy On LGBTQ

Why Are Female Footballers Not Afraid To Be Lesbians?

I am loving the long hair marketing for women in football. For me, women playing men’s sports women copy the man’s look. Not these gay athlete’s. Keep that feminine marketing for hair products coming in. Good to read that the rainbow colours across Europe, such as Portugal, Brussels, Munich, Berlin, Cologne are supporting same-sex relationships.

German Football Association Flying The Gay Flag.

This makes a lot of sense to me. As Germany has always supported Europe and gay men playing football at some level. It’s why leaders in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Ireland, and more have spoken out so forcefully against Hungary’s new rules. “I consider this law to be wrong and incompatible with my understanding of politics,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday. “It’s a very, very dangerous moment for Hungary, and for the EU as well,” said Thomas Byrne, Ireland’s minister for European affairs

Hungry Transphobia

Hungry has made it very clear what it thinks in regards to gay men. Hence outside the Munich stadium. A campaign or an attempt was to target 11,000 supporters to wear stickers or carry flags. This was coordinated by Christopher Street Day, which organises annual LGBT parades in July across Germany. Uefa, the European football body said it had to deny the request given the political context in Hungary.

Because it was a “politically and religiously neutral organisation”.

In its statement on Twitter, Uefa added a rainbow to its logo. But it said the rainbow was not a political symbol, “but rather a sign of [its] firm commitment to a more diverse and inclusive society. This makes no sense on the contrary when it comes to women’s leagues.

Women Seem To Have Different Rules For UEFA

The Female Football Lesbians Have No Fear

It’s so easy to find on social media women who are gay in football. Such as Andressa Alves (Brazil), Bárbara Barbosa (Brazil), Yenny Acuña Berrios (Chile), Keisha Buchanan (Canada)

How Does Football Men Get Involved?

Can you imagine how much fear of being rejected, ousted as a man in football? It comes down do UEFA creating a more inclusive place for top league players to speak out.