Who better to lead the kitchen trend than Dolce Gabbana when it comes to tile kitchen art. All of their fashion designs are inspired by tile artwork of the past in Italy. Recently joining forces with SMEG they switched making fabrics to kitchen appliances. Lockdown life is all about the home now. They are the masters of combining artistic and artisan excellence, everything Made In Italy.
By blending together enchanting mosaic artworks handcrafted for Dolce & Gabbana. They joined forces with famous tile makers, Orsoni Venice 1888.  Their kitchen designs are a tribute to the Sicilian cart, a symbol of the island’s glorious artisanal traditions and rich cultural heritage.

Kitchen design is the most googled researched word for 2021. As we stay home thanks to staying homework regulations.  One can’t help be more adventurous when it comes to tile design.

Dolce Gabbana Orsoni Venice kitchen tiles 2021 interior design made in italy (3)

Tile Plans

Homeowners when it comes to kitchen storage.  May want to add art as part of mental health support,

Using good manufacturers such as Orsoni based in Venice. Who can guide your tile art design to predict or create vintage storage solutions? Using tile art as a base.

Mosaic Kitchen Art

Tile mosaic over recent years, add art to our kitchen decoration. Without compromising practicality and comfort choosing design pieces from your favourite artists. is a wonderful way to make a niche and unique kitchen tile design.

For many, we are afraid to leave tile colours like Beige and creamy white and white walls.

Brands like Ball and farrow have conditioned our minds that natural elements, warm neutrals versus different colors. Will be a hard sell when it comes to putting your home or flat for resale.

But as moving home now is unaffordable for most and an expensive added mortgage.

Tile art is a fabulous and artistic way for reinventing your kitchen.

Dolce Gabbana Orsoni Venice kitchen tiles 2021 interior design made in italy (3) kitch

Create Your Own Uffizi Gallery

When is the next time you are going to fly into Italy as an Australian? So bring Italian famous art pieces into your very own space. If your kitchen is small avoid dark brown. Create your own palazzo interior design art within your kitchen. Walking around the Uffizi gallery in Florence was inspiring for my home and garden decor.

Villa Mansi Lucca

Splash Back Appliances

We all love coffee so why not use your fridge as a starting point regarding choosing your mosaic tiles colours. If you are changing your kitchen cabinets then opt for white cabinetry to create a very eccentric area for your appliances. La Biennale in Venice had a fabulous idea for 2022 kitchen spaces.

I created a tile art belt buckle inspired by Orsoni Venice 1888. The mosaic tiles are from them.

Mosaic Venice ORSONI Venizia 1888

One of never to be replicated belonging to me. That is what I call luxury fashion now, building my GO brand.

Open Shelves

The tiles are your new kitchen colours. This is about tile pops of color choices. Using a favourite city as an inspiration like Sicily. You can opt for your own color trends. A  Kitchen colors with tiles inside your open shelving. So when your crockery or favourite bowls are on display they can be part of the art in your kitchen.

I find colours like pastel are excellent to display many open shelves. If you have a matt grey kitchen, it’s a brilliant base to add the most outrageous tile art you desire.

Dolce Gabbana Orsoni Venice kitchen tiles 2021 interior design made in italy (3)

For other inspiring kitchen art designs like Dolce & Gabbana. I bought years ago from Sicily a tile art.

Dolce & Gabbana Venice - How To Create Your Upcycling Look

Earthy Art

For mental health reasons, I opt for earthy plates, cups that seem like art. The kitchen is the heart and soul of your family home. It’s where we argue, laugh, cry and feed our bodies. Combine your oak classic kitchen. Give it a lease of life with matching tile mosaic art.

Tricky Drawers

I find drawers store so many hidden unwanted kitchen items. So take this time to declutter your kitchen including cutlery. Create a scheme and choose an art draw for your cutlery. How many times during the day do we open our draws to use to indulge.

Add tile art on your drawers fabulous way for kitchen renovation.

Hood Tile Art

Forget  Brass hardware or stainless steel backsplash. Tiles are easy to keep clean and fun to look at when you are cooking. Kitchen designs now are places to bring your family together. To create restaurant opportunities within the home. Kitchen’s are where we get ill and turn to recover.

Start your trends for hoods because kitchens are where big discussions happen throughout our lives.

Dolce Gabbana Orsoni Venice kitchen tiles 2021 interior design made in italy (3)

 Eco-Friendly Tiles

Natural materials are the most durable and eco-friendly way of giving back to our planet. So much rubbish gets disposed of in our kitchen.

Using tiles last a lifetime, they feel lovely on your hands as natural fibres. Anxiety, stress is at an all-time high. Connecting to nature in small spaces helps bring peace within the home and mind.

Tiles look fabulous with natural wood. Combined with art design they add depth wood tones. Colourful tiles combined with wood gives warmth to white kitchens.

Don’t use tiles for countertops so hard to keep clean in between the cracks. If they crack it’s ugly and challenging to replace.

Tiled Butcher Block

I would use the tile art around the edges of the butcher block so it won’t crack and it’s easy to clean when food ingredients get spilt. Tiles work well with white marble or quartz countertops designs.

Out Door Kitchens

When it comes  Alfresco dining using tiles for outdoor design are a fabulous and durable way to have the most robust kitchen space ever.

Don’t forget to make room for an outdoor fridge. Mint is a lovely colour for outdoor dining. Make sure your handles are robust for weather wear. And have fun with kitchen accessories.

Dolce Gabbana Orsoni Venice kitchen tiles 2021 interior design made in italy (3)

For warmer climates with views like this, tile art is fabulous to recreate with nature. Villa living is the perfect way to build your real estate empire.

Lucca Italy villa view

Choosing Your Tile Colours

Tiles are like choosing art it’s all about what makes you feel happy, calm and able to function.

Colours shade, hues teamed with wood cabinets, is a good start. try before your buy. Buy some tile pieces hang them around your existing kitchen to see how you feel about tile art. Try to embrace new colours. In the last 18mths, my colour is green.

You can use wallpaper print in your kitchen and when and if you don’t desire it. You can simply paint over it. Be clever with materials used in the kitchen so it can be changed every two years. We are in a situation where travel is no longer si affordable to the masses. Being home is going to be one of the most challenging experiences of our lives regarding lockdown.

Villa Mansi Lucca Tuscany