Hello, beautiful souls! Today, let’s unravel a topic that’s close to my heart why you should never bury your dreams, your gold, or your fabulous wardrobe! Let’s dive right into this whirlwind of self-discovery and opulence, shall we?

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I made a decision that turned my life upside down. Picture this: a vast collection of vintage YSL and Gucci, treasures I’d curated over the years, all packed away in boxes and forgotten in storage.

Why? Because amidst the chaos of relocating to Italy, I thought burying them temporarily was a good idea. Oh, how wrong was I!

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Storage Locks Away Your Soul

You see, storing these gems was like locking away parts of my soul. Each piece not only represented a memory but also my identity—a fashionista with a penchant for the finer things. But there they were, gathering dust instead of turning heads. What a travesty, right?

Now, let’s talk gold. Yes, the shiny kind that makes your heart flutter. During the pandemic, when the world seemed to stop spinning, I buried my gold—literally and metaphorically. Fear gripped me; the uncertainty of the times made me hide what was precious rather than using it to shine brighter. I was like those fearful folks from the parables, too scared to risk and thus losing the chance to flourish.

Discovering the Charms of Spello, Umbria - A Floral Paradise

Umbria Spello

This brings me to dreams, my dear readers. Dreams are our guiding stars, the maps to our destinies. Yet, here I was in the rustic charms of Umbria, burning the wood of my past mishaps and failed Italian real estate ventures—symbolic of shedding the weight that held me back. I’d left Tuscany, seeking new beginnings without the baggage of past failures and the harsh judgments of naysayers that had clouded my vision.

Tuscany, where parts of the movie Gladiator was filmed.

Tuscany Gladiator scene

Don’t Hoard

Why am I sharing this with a pinch of humor and a dash of drama? Because we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Hoarding our best dresses for occasions that never come, tucking away our desires for ‘someday,’ which mysteriously never appears on the calendar.

So, what changed for me? Realization dawned that the real crime was not the missteps I took but allowing those missteps to define my journey. Each day spent not revelling in my beautiful wardrobe or leveraging my gold to forge paths forward was a day not lived to its fullest.

I started taking bold steps, venturing from one Umbrian village to another, chatting up locals in quaint bars—armed with nothing but my resolve (and a fabulous outfit, of course!). The goal? To unearth my dreams from the clutter of doubt and fear.

And let me tell you, the universe listens when you dress up your intentions with sheer determination (and a fabulous pair of heels). My efforts began to bear fruit. Slowly but surely, leads for a dream property emerged, whispers of opportunities started floating around, and I could see the horizon of my aspirations clearing up.


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Don’t Wait For The Perfect Moment

Here’s a little nugget of wisdom—don’t wait for the perfect moment to flaunt that designer dress or use your talents. Make the moment perfect by stepping out in style and confidence. Sell what you don’t need, and invest in experiences that embroider your life’s tapestry with joy and fulfillment.

This year, my stored treasures, my gold, and my dreams are all making a grand comeback. I’m not just unpacking boxes; I’m unleashing potential. Each item, each shiny bauble, is a piece of the puzzle that is my extravagant, colorful life.

And to anyone sitting on their dreams or locking away their sparkle—think again. The only thing you should be burying is the doubt and fear that keep you from dancing through life in your best shoes, darling!

Remember, life is too short for unused silverware and unchased dreams.

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Throw open the doors of your wardrobe, dust off your ambitions, and stride into your fabulous future with all the grace and gusto of a runway model at Paris Fashion Week.

So, as I burn the last of the metaphorical bridges to my past misfortunes here in the lush landscapes of Italy, I invite you to light your own fires of renewal. It’s time to live, love, and luxuriate in every moment. After all, isn’t life too splendid to be anything but bold, bright, and beautiful?

Embrace it, my dears, with open arms and an open wardrobe!