I am all about empowering women and men with knowledge and hope. Regarding the value of the tree of hope. Learn about what is happening in the Holy Land where the destruction of olive trees is damaging to humanity and what you can do to protect it.

Understand because there is a war on for your mind.

Throughout history, the Olive branch has been used as a symbol for peace, and together with the vine and the fig tree, the Olive Tree is also a symbol of wisdom, prosperity, and happiness

An average olive tree produces 9 kg of olives, yielding 2 liters of oil which has many uses: food, sacramental oil, fuel, or as an ingredient of medicinal ointments. The olive tree is plain and frugal; it grows in poor soil, yields precious fruit, and can live for more than a thousand years.

Olive oil Tuscany Italy

The colour of the olive trees changes continuously throughout Tuscany. From north to south, the foliage alters from silver to antique bronze. The trunks, which are grey green in Lucca, take on earthy hues in Sovana, Grosseto, consistent with the fertile reddish humus. Around Florence and Siena, the olives turn blue, approaching the shade of pietra serena – a typical, grey Tuscan stone.

Prevention & Treatment

Olive oil is great for eating, digesting food, and intense hair treatment. Olive oil here in Italy is different from Spain, Portugal, France, or Iran. It all comes down to the soil of the land. Over the years the bug has ruined crops and the South of Italy suffered badly loss of crops.

Olive oil Tuscany Italy

How Is Olive Oil Made?

You can watch my video on how olive oil is made here in Tuscany.

I am in Italy Tuscany surrounded by thousands and thousands of olive trees. Every day I touch the trees to keep hope alive during this pandemic. Over the years the olive tree planting here is why I saw first hand how olives were picked and turned into olive oil. The land owner’s way of keeping the olive tree care is a lot of work. The preservation of the olive groves and olive tree saplings is a highly skilled one. The landowners after the olives are picked must take care of pruning the olive trees. It’s a skill and occupation that can only be learned by old skilled labour. I loved being part of the olive harvest season.

Olive oil Tuscany Italy

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The olive branch thus symbolises rebirth and regeneration, man had made peace with both the Earth and God. Olive branches are recurrent in the New Testament too. When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, his supporters in this city welcomed him by scattering palm and olive fronds in his path. This is why we celebrate Palm Sunday as Christians.

Before being arrested and crucified, Jesus passed his last hours praying in the garden of Gethsemane, an olive grove at the foot of the Mount of Olives.

The Olive Hope Tree

We are at war against covid 19. We are at war with each other fighting for vaccinations. We are at war for our jobs, livelihood, and mental health.  So for me, the olive tree is hope for humanity and keeping peace amongst each other.  And now we are at war against the olive tree.

The olive tree and the prickly pear cactus are also traditional symbols of the Palestinian people and their connection to their homeland and holy land. Approximately 1,000 km2 of land in Palestine is planted with olive trees. This connection has remained strong despite occupation and long years of exile and displacement. The olive tree has been a target of Israelis destruction of Palestinian land. The Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture has revealed that over 250,000 olive trees have been uprooted.

Olive trees can last over 1000 years and to just destroy them because of hate against man is unthinkable. For many Palestinian farmers, the olive trees were the sole income for their families.

Olive trees have been destroyed as part of the collective punishment policies the Israeli military uses on Palestinian civilians. Many of the trees are also being uprooted because of the building of the apartheid wall around the West Bank.

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Olive Tree Peace Treaty

In spite of the destruction of the very foundations of their existence, and in spite of the ever-increasing violence in the Holy Land, Palestinian women, men, and children are committed to rebuilding their society and its structures without the use of violence. This senseless use of violence against man and earth is why. The Joint Advocacy Initiative has made a goal to plant 25,000 olive trees. The Keep Hope Alive! by planting young plants. Donations of $20 cover the cost of the young plant, distribution, planting, and information for farmers on the best techniques for olive tree peace-building.

Sponsor labels are inscribed on a plaque with the donor’s name and the quote “chose to keep hope alive.”

Olive Tree Campaign continues to be an opportunity to support Palestinians and show solidarity with the Palestinian Farmers in Area C (West Bank) The OTC is an educational, solidarity, and advocacy tool with the Palestinian territories in their struggle for freedom and just peace. The YWCA of Palestine and East Jerusalem YMCA. Trees have been planted in the Bethlehem area and in the fields of Nablus, Ramallah, and in the Jerusalem area.

They will not be defeated by unjust Israeli military practices. The campaign goal is to plant 50,000 olive trees to combat poverty.

olive tree hope prosperity (2)


The Olive Tree is a symbol of Peace, Prosperity, and Wisdom In the whole of the Mediterranean Basin, the olive tree is an ancient source of basic livelihood and nutrition. The Italian government gives tax relief to the people of Italy in order to preserve the olive tree tradition. In most cases here in Tuscany local people make olive oil for their families alone. I tasted last year Olive Oil and this year’s olive oil and each year the olive oil tastes differently. In Tuscany, this year’s crop was the best in many years and the amount of olive oil created was double of last year.

Every day I walk amongst the olive trees and touch them. During this pandemic, my business has grown and my mental health is the strongest it’s been in years. I won’t allow our politicians to take away my hope or freedom.

Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings..