We can’t change everything that happens to us in life, but we can change the way how we experience it. On average, 47% of our daily experiences are daydreaming, not living in the present moment.

So whilst reviewing my hiking Grace Opulanza Red Hiking Boots, exploring the Danube river. I made a conscious effort to see how many times I was disengaged with a view like this?

It can be very problematic as a mother regarding be present with my girls. Lockdown life has taught me to live in the present moment and watch, listen to my family and nature.

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021

As a mother of two, it is important my teenage girls hike my journey when it comes to exploring nature. It’s hard work to get them off their technology. We are at war with our minds during Covid 19. So to get them out of the car and take on this rocky terrain is a huge fight.

father and daughter climate change

Due to me also daydreaming when I am walking it is important my laces are tied properly for ankle support. I have twisted my ankles many times over the years. I am fifty now and don’t want to cause injury.

The lacing system when doubled knotted never came undone, so this is brilliant for me.

When I walked through the mud I found the deer leather apposed to suede a better choice fabric. Buying a reputable brand of hiking boot is why I am putting mine to the test.

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021


GO Red hiking boot was put to the test regarding how durable it was whilst walking on rocks. This hiking shoe I noticed was very sturdy.

When I was jumping on the rocks or a round bail of hay. The traction of the Extralight sole was put to the test. I had an excellent grip.

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021 GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021

How many boots do you own that look good but don’t keep your feet warm or dry? It was an obsession with newness that brought us here: to a point where 100 billion new items of clothing are churned out each year, on a planet already groaning with cast-offs.

It’s a change in mindset, not in shopping method, that will save us.  Don’t think that swapping a Net-a-Porter habit for a Vestiaire one, will save the planet.

Buy less, buy boots that last a lifetime.

Deer Leather

The leather upper is great for my wide toe box. As it’s very soft and therefore it moulds to my lifestyle. When it comes to rocky terrain these boots gave me the confidence to treat them as a running shoes.

The Fatto A Mano, made with hands was also on a  quest to see if they were made properly. So far everything is perfectly in place.


GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021

Heel Support

The heel is so important for day hikes. The best hiking boots come down to arch support and how my legs and ankles are protected from rocks, grass, bugs and water.

After a couple of days walking I felt no pain regarding the nature of how the boots were made. It is important regarding footwear that I am not needing up with blisters. I wore thin socks which were great.

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021

Style & Comfort

Hiking boots are hard to style as the sole purpose is to be able to walk mountains, gardens and rocky terrains.  I thought they looked amazing due to the contrast between the red leather boots and nature. Over the last few days, I have teamed the boot with various different outfits and I am so happy with how versatile they are when it comes to street style.

Fashion is an important part of my lifestyle, so having hiking boots that give me comfort without compromising the style is wonderful.


GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021

Wool Insert

The wool inside the boot sewn into the nappa leather gives maximum comfort to my ankles and prevents them from getting blisters. Wool allows vasque breeze for keeping my feet cool, so when it’s hot hiking which it was for me. My feet climatised thanks to the natural fibre, wool.

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021

XL Extralight Sole

On this occasion, I chose not to use a Vibram sole. It was my first time testing The Extralight expanded rubber sole. The sole is hand-stitched to the upper hiking boot using Goodyear Norwegian construction. Proper waterproof boots like North Face and Salomon quest are made like this. It is all about keeping feet dry.

This sole material sets itself apart with its low weight and excellent shock-absorbing qualities. It did protect my back and legs from strain and impact during my hiking adventures. Even when I was walking in the rain the sole had grip, reducing me from the risk of slipping.

Made In Italy For Real

The Made In Italy, has been diluted over the years thanks to exports from Italy to China. In Prato, Italy there are dedicated factories with full-on Chinese workers only. The Italian government passed a law that any boot that is made in Italy around 60% can then be shipped somewhere else to be completed.

The boots are 100% Made In Italy, I have seen this with my own eyes when I visited the factory. All staff members are Italian. who live locally. This means all the workers including materials used to make the boot keeps the carbon footprint  travel to the bare minium. The GO Red hiking boot are made with 100% Italian artisan passion and skill.

They take a few weeks to make and costs 495Euro.

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021


The GO hiking boot is a stylish boot for both hiking and city walks. The waterproof membrane and the style of the toe cap means, they are versatile especially in the world of travel restrictions.  We are at war with our minds and soul. Cash is harder than ever for some. So buying a boot that will endure many seasons and still look good is why they are a hiking boot for life. I know my daughter can use them too as her foot size will get closer to mine.

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021