These boots mark a groundbreaking fusion of luxury and practicality, making them the first leather boots created for traction and style specifically for women under the GO brand.

During the pandemic, I had the pleasure of discovering an Italian brand that specializes in crafting exquisite shoes, the same brand trusted by iconic names like Dolce & Gabbana and Manolo Blahnik. The experience of touring their century-old factory and witnessing the passion of the artisans who’ve been creating shoes for over a century left me in awe. It was during this visit that the idea of creating the Gracie Opulanza hiking boot in a striking shade of red was born. The best part? Every single component of this boot is proudly made in Italy – a fact I personally verified with my own eyes.

If you, like me, are in search of a reliable and reputable brand offering stylish hiking boots for women, then allow me to introduce you to the world of GO Red Hiking Boots by Fratelli Borgioli. In a market dominated by giants like Gucci teaming up with North Face, I embarked on a journey to compare the quality and craftsmanship of different brands. My conclusion? The quality of GO Red Hiking Boots rivals any top-tier hiking brand out there. So, let’s dive into a detailed comparison and explore the benefits of choosing Gracie Opulanza’s hiking boots.


GO Hiking Colors

While there are options for brown and black, I personally chose the bold and versatile red. This color effortlessly complements any outfit, adding a touch of style to your hiking adventures.

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021 Gracie Opulanza X Fratelli Borgioli GO Red Hiking Boot Gucci Eyewear Made In Italy (12)

Styling the GO Red Hiking Boot

For my outing in these fabulous boots, I paired them with a layered cotton skirt made in Italy, exuding a grungy yet chic look. To keep things cozy, I opted for purple lace socks, perfectly complementing the wool-lined interior of the boots. My ensemble wouldn’t be complete without a vintage Marccain flannel jacket and a Hard Rock T-shirt from Venice.


I embraced an American denim vibe with vintage MET jeans, perfect for wandering open fields during a lockdown walk. To top it off, I carried a crochet bag and wore an olive green leisurewear top from the Dutch brand Vanilia. The crochet dress is an exquisite handmade piece that takes two months to create – a true work of art (fatto A Mano).

GO-Hiking-boots crotchet dress

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021 Gracie Opulanza X Fratelli Borgioli GO Red Hiking Boot Gucci Eyewear Made In Italy (12)


What sets the GO Red Hiking Boots apart is their versatility. You can seamlessly transition from hiking to a winter fashion statement by pairing them with a beanie and a scarf. These boots are designed without a mesh upper, ensuring they remain stylish and functional. If you desire a Vibram sole, that option is available as well. However, the Xtralight sole is specially catered to the demands of hiking terrain.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own these limited-edition boots. With GO Red Hiking Boots on your feet, you’ll always be on the GO, whether you’re conquering mountains or the fashion streets.

Why choose the GO Red color for your hiking adventures along the Danube River in Romania? Well, let me paint a picture for you:

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021 GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021

Picture yourself strolling along the picturesque banks of the Danube, the second-longest river in Europe. The serene blue waters glisten under the sun, reflecting the clear skies above. The Danube River, known for its breathtaking landscapes, lush greenery, and historic charm, is a hiker’s paradise.

Now, imagine yourself in your GO Red Hiking Boots, boldly contrasting against the natural beauty surrounding you. The rich, vibrant red hue of your boots makes a striking statement against the earthy tones of the Romanian landscape. Here’s why GO Red is the perfect choice for your Danube River hiking adventure:

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021

Gracie Opulanza X Fratelli Borgioli GO Red Hiking Boot Gucci Eyewear Made In Italy (12)

  1. Style Meets Adventure: While hiking along the Danube, you’ll encounter both rugged terrain and charming villages. GO Red Hiking Boots are not just practical; they’re fashion-forward. The bold red color adds a touch of style to your outdoor expedition, allowing you to seamlessly transition from the trail to a quaint riverside café.
  2. Unmatched Versatility: The GO Red color is incredibly versatile. It complements a wide range of outfits, from casual hiking gear to more stylish ensembles. So, whether you’re exploring ancient castles, hiking through dense forests, or simply enjoying a leisurely riverside picnic, your GO Red boots will keep you looking chic.
  3. Stand Out from the Crowd: As you hike the Danube in Romania, you’ll encounter fellow adventurers and locals alike. Your GO Red boots will make you instantly recognizable in a sea of neutral-colored footwear. They’re a conversation starter, allowing you to share your passion for both fashion and adventure.

GO Red Hiking Boot

  1. Photogenic Moments: The Danube River offers breathtaking scenery at every turn. When you stop to capture those Instagram-worthy moments, your GO Red boots will add a pop of color to your photos. Trust me; you’ll want to remember this trip in style.
  2. Boost of Confidence: Red is a color associated with confidence and energy. When you’re conquering new trails and exploring unfamiliar territories, having that burst of red on your feet can boost your confidence and make you feel ready to take on any challenge.
  3. Safety and Visibility: While hiking, especially in remote areas, visibility can be crucial for safety. The GO Red color ensures that you’re easily spotted, providing an extra layer of safety during your adventures.

Gracie Opulanza X Fratelli Borgioli GO Red Hiking Boot Gucci Eyewear Made In Italy (12) Gracie Opulanza X Fratelli Borgioli GO Red Hiking Boot Gucci Eyewear Made In Italy (12)

Danube River Romania

So, why GO Red for hiking the Danube River in Romania? Because it’s the color that embodies both adventure and style. It’s a bold choice that sets you apart and adds a touch of glamour to your outdoor escapades. With GO Red on your feet, you’ll not only conquer the trails but also conquer the hearts of those you meet along the way. Happy hiking!

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021 GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021

Tuscany Lifestyle

Hiking in Tuscany with your GO Red Hiking Boots, in search of roses, olives, and grapes for wine making  now that’s a picturesque adventure waiting to unfold. Let me set the scene for your journey:

Tuscan Villa for Sale

Roses in Bloom: As you set out on your hike through the Tuscan countryside, the first thing you’ll notice is the vibrant display of roses in bloom. Tuscany is renowned for its romantic landscapes, and these roses are like nature’s way of welcoming you to this enchanting region. Your GO Red boots, with their stylish red hue, harmonize beautifully with the rich colors of the roses, creating a visual feast for the senses.

Tuscany flowers made in italy

Olive Groves: Tuscany is synonymous with olive groves, and you’ll find them scattered across the rolling hills. As you wander through these groves, the rugged terrain beneath your GO Red Hiking Boots provides a sturdy foundation for your olive-picking adventure. The boots’ grip ensures you can navigate the sometimes uneven ground with confidence. With olives in hand, you’re well on your way to creating your own olive oil masterpiece.

GO Red Hiking Boot

Vineyards and Grape Picking: Tuscany’s vineyards are nothing short of iconic, and your hike will lead you to these lush expanses. With your GO Red boots, you can confidently traverse the vineyard rows, each step a testament to your passion for adventure and luxury. The boots’ durability ensures they’ll withstand the rigors of grape picking, allowing you to collect the finest grapes for your wine-making endeavor.

The Perfect Wine: As you gather grapes and explore the vineyards, you’ll be surrounded by the sweet scent of ripening fruit and the earthy aroma of the Tuscan soil. With your GO Red Hiking Boots, you’re not just collecting grapes; you’re creating memories. When it’s time to make your own wine, you’ll do it with style, confidence, and a dash of Italian flair, just like the region itself.

Stylishly Practical: Your GO Red Hiking Boots aren’t just a fashion statement; they’re designed for practicality too. The boots’ stability and ankle support ensure you can navigate the terrain comfortably, and their waterproof rubber outsole keeps your feet dry, even if you encounter dewy grass or a surprise rain shower in Tuscany’s unpredictable weather.

GO Red Hiking Boot

Vasque: A Historical Brand, Now Made in China

When it comes to hiking, Vasque is a name that has resonated with outdoor enthusiasts for years. Not only were they a popular choice for European trails, but explorers conquering the vast mountain ranges of the United States, and even Australia, trusted Vasque.

However, the story took a different turn recently when serious hikers discovered that Vasque had shifted its manufacturing operations to China. The Vasque Sundowner hiking boot, once renowned for its durability and quality, began receiving mixed reviews. This shift in production meant that the quality and trustworthiness of Vasque’s hiking boots, especially for challenging terrains, took a hit. It became evident that these boots were designed for function, not fashion or urban street style.

Bespoke Hiking Boots - Gucci North Face Versus Bespoke Italian Boots

GO Red Hiking Boots: A Luxurious Italian Delight

In stark contrast, GO Red Hiking Boots proudly bears the “Made in Italy” label. Manufactured by Fratelli Borgioli, a company with a legacy dating back to 1946, these boots embody both style and substance. Fratelli Borgioli is known for crafting luxurious shoes for renowned Italian fashion houses, and they bring the same level of craftsmanship to their hiking boots.

With GO Red Hiking Boots, you’re not just getting a dependable pair of hiking boots – you’re getting a stylish ankle boot designed for various terrains. These boots check all the boxes for inner-city hiking, and their benefits are truly exceptional.

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021 Extralight sole

Gracie Opulanza X Fratelli Borgioli GO Red Hiking Boot Gucci Eyewear Made In Italy (1)

GO Red Hiking Boot Sizing

When ordering your pair of GO Red Hiking Boots, I highly recommend going up a size. This ensures a roomier toe box, offering comfort for wider feet and helping prevent blisters – a true game-changer for hiking enthusiasts. These are unisex but are made to measure your exact foot sizes, hence the price tag of five hundred pounds a pair.

GO Red Hiking Boot 2021

GO Red Hiking Boot 2021

The Benefits of GO Red Hiking Boots

1. Stability at Every Step

The extra-light rubber soles provide impeccable stability on any surface, ensuring you maintain your balance even on challenging trails.

2. Ultimate Comfort

The insole features wool, which not only keeps your feet warm and dry but also prevents any unpleasant odors. It effectively balances moisture, making those sweaty hikes more comfortable.

3. Absorbent Heel

Designed with layers of wood in the heel, these boots absorb shocks and jarring movements while walking, running, or hiking.

4. Unmatched Grip

The rubber outsole offers an unbeatable grip, making sure you stay firmly planted on the ground, even in wet conditions. These boots are 100% waterproof, so you can confidently tackle any terrain.

5. Ankle Support

Regardless of your age, ankle support is crucial. GO Red Hiking Boots are designed with arches that create a comfortable stride. The sturdy bootup lace ensures your ankles remain stable, and the extra-long laces can be double-tied for added security.

Gracie Opulanza X Fratelli Borgioli GO Red Hiking Boot Gucci Eyewear Made In Italy (12)

Go Red Hiking Boot Sizing

I recommend you go up a size when ordering your GO red hiking boots. This means the toe box is made for wider feet and is comfortable when hiking or city walking. To avoid blisters.

GO Red Hiking Boot 2021

A Visual Symphony: As you hike, pick olives, and gather grapes, your surroundings will be a visual symphony. The vibrant red of your boots, the deep green of the olive leaves, and the various shades of purple and green in the vineyards create a stunning palette. It’s a scene that’s as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

So, as you embark on your Tuscan adventure with your GO Red Hiking Boots, remember that you’re not just hiking; you’re embracing the heart and soul of Tuscany. You’re immersing yourself in a sensory experience that combines nature’s beauty, culinary delights, and the joy of discovery. With your boots as your trusty companions, you’ll savor every step of this remarkable journey, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Cheers to hiking in Tuscany, where adventure and luxury converge!

GO Red Hiking Boot

Styling the GO Red Hiking Boot

On this occasion, I have teamed it with a layered cotton skirt. This skirt is made in Italy and is very heavy in fabric. Gives a very grungy look. I teamed it with purple lace socks. Due to the wool inside the boot, thin fashion socks are well suited for the GO boot. I added my vintage Marccain flannel jacket with Hard Rock T-shirt from Venice.



Wearing vintage jeans for an Italian brand called MET. I decided to opt for a very American denim vibe. As if tracking the open fields for a lockdown walk. So when I was finished I could pop into the shops with my crochet bag and olive green leisurewear top from a Dutch brand called Vanilia.

denim MET jeans GO Red Hiking Boot

GO-Hiking-boots crotchet dress