Are you looking for a trustworthy, reputable brand of stylish women’s hiking boots? Then you need to learn all about the difference between GO Red Hiking Boots from Fratelli Borgioli and the Vasque Hiking brand.

Gracie Opulanza X Fratelli Borgioli GO Red Hiking Boot Gucci Eyewear Made In Italy (1)

What Is Vasque?

When it comes to hiking the brand called Vasque boots comes to mind. They were not only for Europe’s trails, they were also worn by explorers who trekked across the great mountain ranges of the United States, including Australia.

Vasque In History Now Made In China

While the Vasque Sundowner hiking boot has had a solid reputation throughout the hiking community for years It’s best-hiking boots reputation has now mixed reviews in recent years. Since serious hikers learnt that Vasque decided to manufacture its hiking boots in China instead of Italy. Their five-star reviews for rocky terrain including the materials used like gore-tex has lost it’s 100% trust rating. So those heading to the danner mountain, or walking on uneven terrain don’t have the confidence they once had. This boot is never made for fashion, style or city street style in mind.
My GO Red Hiking boots are made in Italy. I am jumping for joy regarding that. As my carbon footprint trail is only 15km regarding staff, hardware and manufacturing powering.
GO Red Hiking Boot 2021
If I have an issue with the quality of the boot. I am literally not far away at all. Worst-case scenario 1100km, as I am travelling around Europe all the time. Best case scenario 100KM, when I am home in my Tuscan villa.
Tuscan Villa for Sale
No matter what your villa or palazzo is like. Hiking boots are needed, even if it’s pooping down to the shops for some vino.

The Origins Of  GO Hiking Boots

GO Red Hiking boot is 100% made in Italy. Its sole footwear purpose was to maintain the DNA comfort that a hiking shoe must-have. Manufacturing company Fratelli Borgioli has been making hiking boots since 1946. They also make fashionable luxury shoes for famous Italian houses. You are getting a stylish hiking boot for any terrain. This ankle boot profile ticks all the boxes when it comes to inner-city hiking.

GO Red Hiking Boot

I love picking flowers in Tuscany whilst dressing up.

Tuscany flowers made in italy

The Benefits Of GO Red Hiking Boot

The extra light rubber soles give the walker stability. The insole has wool to keep feet warm and dry without the stink factor. Balances the moisture when sweating. The heel has wood layers so it absorbs jarring whilst walking, running or hiking. The grip is very firm on the ground. The rubber outsole means it’s 100% waterproof.

GO Red Hiking Boot

Ankle Support

At any age including me at fifty ankle support is crucial as I don’t want to be twisting my ankles whilst walking. The arches are made to create a comfortable stride when walking. The bootup lace is very sturdy for not twisting my ankles or the laces coming undone. The laces are super long so I can double tie the laces.

GO Red Hiking Boot 2021

Gracie Opulanza X Fratelli Borgioli GO Red Hiking Boot Gucci Eyewear Made In Italy (12)

Go Red Hiking Boot Sizing

I recommend you go up a size when ordering your GO red hiking boot. This means the toe box is made for wider feet and is comfortable when hiking or city walking. To avoid blisters.

GO Red Hiking Boot 2021

Gracie Opulanza X Fratelli Borgioli Models

These are the first leather boots made for traction and for women under the GO brand.

GO Hiking Colors

Keeping in min the colour versatility you can opt for red, brown and black. I chose red as you can see it’s a very versatile colour that teams with anything.

GO Red Hiking Boot

Styling the GO Red Hiking Boot

On this occasion, I have teamed it with a layered cotton skirt. This skirt is made in Italy and is very heavy in fabric. Gives a very grungy look. I teamed it with purple lace socks. Due to the wool inside the boot, thin fashion socks are well suited for the GO boot. I added my vintage Marccain flannel jacket with Hard Rock T-shirt from Venice.



Wearing vintage jeans for an Italian brand called MET. I decided to opt for a very American denim vibe. As if tracking the open fields for a lockdown walk. So when I was finished I could pop into the shops with my crochet bag and olive green leisurewear top from a Dutch brand called Vanilia.

denim MET jeans GO Red Hiking Boot

GO-Hiking-boots crotchet dress

The crochet dress can also be ordered. It takes two months to make everything all knitted by hand. (fatto A Mano )


The idea of the GO Red Hiking Boots is that you can use them both for fashion and hiking. So you don’t have to GO and buy another pair for hiking. These boots in the winter can be worn with a beanie and a scarf. The boots don’t have a mesh upper.

If you are wanting a Vibram sole we can offer this. But Xtralight sole is catered for hiking boot terrain.

Order now for these limited edition boots. You will always be on the GO!