I am living on a stunning estate here in Tuscany Italy. I have access to amazing countryside surrounded by olives trees and vineyards. My outdoor lifestyle even in full lockdown does not limit me for access to countryside walking. I need a lifestyle boot that allows me to walk in boots with comfort.

Tracey Nuels - FARGO Countryside Lifestyle Boot Reviewed Gracie Opulanza Italy Tuscany (9)

Whether I am indoor or outside I like to look stylish it’s why I opted for the Tracey Neuls FARGO Country boot. This boot suits my lifestyle and ticks all the boxes of keeping my feet warm and dry without compromising my sense of style.

I walk many times a day just to connect with nature and to get away from the stresses of this pandemic life.

Stylish Design

In 2021, the hiking boot boom has exploded and everyone is seeking a walking hiking boot. But I know for me I need both a fashion boot and countryside living shoe. There is a hint at an old classic hiking boot design, but this FARGO boot is ever so stylish. Keeping the design focused on everyday wear.

Tracey Nuels - FARGO Countryside Lifestyle Boot Reviewed Gracie Opulanza Italy Tuscany (14)

The FARGO boot is an outdoor lifestyle shoe.

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I adore the contrast between black and brown, it gives an edgy style to it and I love how these boots to team with my wardrobe. I have to say I am impressed by how versatile these boots look with leggings, dresses and leather trousers.

My countryside challenges consist of moss trees which I love to climb. These evergreen trees and are found in damp, shady places and need a boot with grip and grit. Throughout the estate, there are lots of pebbles, grass and muddy puddles. Which means I need a boot that keeps my ankle secured.

Indoor Villa Living

The tiles in my villa date back 600 years, it was once a former Barnhouse to servants looking after an aristocratic Italian family. These tiles are very cold when walking on them with socks; it is like walking on thin ice and very slippery.

So the grip on these boots is well suited for my indoor Tuscan lifestyle. I have a working standing desk as it helps take away pains from my back. I can stand in these FARGO boots for hours due to the super comfortable rubber sole that is 40mm thick.

The textile used around my ankle and leather lined at the foot means they are great for running with Boccer, my dog.

Tracey Nuels FARGO Gracie Opulanza


This everyday winter boot is lined with 100% sheep’s wool. It means my feet are always warm no matter what time of the day it is. Currently, it can get to minus two here in Tuscany.

The rubber platform sole is amazingly comfortable and the extra 40mm raise above ground is welcomed in the rainy climate. I think this is a very clever design and the reason why I can use them throughout the estate even not having to worry about muddy paddles. The hidden inner core gives me the bounce needed for those long walks.

A Warm Treat For Cold Days

On the estate, I have to get firewood, roses, olive oil bottles in the cellar. These easy lace-up ankle boots mean, I can get into my boots fast.

The walking access is not far, so they are easy to slip into without the lace-up challenge.

My Red Riding hood Cape looks fabulous with these boots.

Tracey Nuels - FARGO Countryside Lifestyle Boot Reviewed Gracie Opulanza Italy Tuscany (8)

Sustainable Message

Leather and wool are my two favourite textiles because they last many years if well looked after. Tracey Neuls FARGO boots are kind to the Earth, by using vegetable-dyed leather upper, and by lining the inner part of the boot with 100% wool, a fabric that lasts a very long time.

Limited Edition

I like how they are a limited edition with a few sizes available. Means they are not sold to the masses like fast fashion hiking boots are. For this reason, rest assured, they will be worn many years to come.
Tracey Nuels - FARGO Countryside Lifestyle Boot Reviewed Gracie Opulanza Italy Tuscany (11)

How To Choose Your Size?

I am normally a size 39, so I opted for a size 40, it was a tad too big. This was resolved by the unexpected adding of the removable insole packed separately in the shoe box. This added extra was needed for a personalised fit, and thanks to the extra insole my FARGO boot fits perfectly. Not many shoe brands include extra insole.

Regarding missing out on these lifestyle boots, you don’t have to worry.

If you don’t see your size, let Tracey Neuls know and they will check if they can make these especially for you.

Tracey Nuels - FARGO Countryside Lifestyle Boot Reviewed Gracie Opulanza Italy Tuscany (10)